Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back with the Tide

In reference to this post, I am more than pleased to say I have finally recalled my university password. I guess it wasn't really important but just knowing that I didn't know the password anymore was killing me.
I really hate mornings. I went to bed all early last night - didn't even get to watch a couple of eps of Grey's Anatomy - woke up at 5 then 7 then 7:30 and decided I could sleep a little more till 8. I woke up again at 8:10. Got dressed and ready for this bloody interview out in ajman free zone (which after driving clear out past Ajman City Center I realize the free zone is in the opposite direction, I was pretty pissed - waste of gas.). I would have been on time had I not gotten lost. On top of that the only copy I had of my CV was one that was old - the info was updated and all but I must have printed this out months back. It was folded with crease lines in it and I had two phone numbers written on back. Not very professional looking but hey would it be worse than showing up without a CV at all? Hell no, I reasoned. Apparently the blue blazer-ed, gold colored button, greased-up Frankenstein wannabe wasn't impressed. He went on a b!tch rant about professionalism and crap in his holier-than-thou tone. He said he'd give me the chance to bring in a "proper-looking" CV but honestly I doubt it'd be worth it. For one I can't work with Frankenstein, I learnt from MPS that I have a serious problem with over-authoritive picky arses. No matter how polite I try to be with them my disdain for them show up in the form of unconscious sarcasm. Secondly its one of those damned jobs that you have to produce your own contacts. So not my thing, and on top of it all, the guy was only willing to barely pay pocket change. Screw him and his retarded free zone company.
The job I really wanted in customer service seems to be still open though, Lord be Praised. I got through to the consultancy place this morning. They had some problem on their side and someone was supposed to call me but didn't get around to it or forgot or whatever so the guy who answered me today said they'd probably call me tomorrow (hopefully) since they only answer phones today.
I'm SO tired, I feel like I could do a Rip Van Winkle and still need more sleep!
(Note to a certain person =P : my posts these days are pretty short but at least they're more frequent ;) Frequency trumps length ^_^ )