Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gone With the Wind

I must be getting old. That can be the only explanation for my profound forgetfulness, which I realize has reached new heights. True I hadn't logged into my university blackboard/email since the end of the spring semester BUT still that shouldn't have been long enough to cause me to FORGET a password I would type in no less than 4 or 5 times a day -sometimes more if I used the university network and the password prompt would pop up every few minutes. This has never EVER happened to me before, I remember all my passwords as well as many of mother's (she usually would tell me hers cuz she was the forgetful one when it came to passwords.) Crap, that's why they should enable us to change the retarded meaningless number passwords they give us to something we'd at least remember. How damning it feels to only remember the first 3 digits of a 6 digit password. I wonder if they'd give me a replacement if I went down to uni or would it be a major procedure....
Ah well, I suppose it's a good thing I've kept the paper with the pin code for my bank card (come to think of it I don't think I recall the number for that either...).
Hmm, I had alot to say when I opened but now it seems my mind has drawn yet another blank. I suppose I'll go off and send a couple of emails and then watch the first ep of Grey's Anatomy.

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