Friday, August 08, 2008

Just to Mark this Date...

Well, I've just recieved another rejection letter from a publishing agency. I suppose it's a good thing they make one wait so long for a reply (4 months!) cuz by now I had already forgotten I was supposed to be awaiting their reply and the rejection doesn't sting as much as I know it would have if they had replied when I was still fresh in waiting. Ah well, everything happens for a reason, neh?
I spent the second night in a row last night watching Grey's Anatomy. It is really really good. I had no idea. I remember my friends telling me to watch it and then I remember wiki-ing it or whatever and finding out it was a medical drama but their practice was a veterinarian clinic, that kinda made it sound less appealing thinking these ppl were animal docs. Dont get me wrong, I love animals and all, I just wouldnt wanna watch a whole medical show about them.
Gosh, I'm tired. I've been sleeping an awful lot lately. I suspect my sugar level is extremely low, I ought to go have it checked. Anywayz, as much as I'd like to watch a few eps of GA I'll have to go to bed since I have an interview bright and early tomorrow morning....


Anonymous said...

hey n3mah!
Ramadan Mubarak to you, too! Been browsing your bloggy (missed bumping into you at uni!!) and noticed this post! I really do think you should have yourself checked out! Recently, a very good friend of mine was told that she suffers from insulin resistance, which happens to be a precursor to diabetes. She let me know right away because I had been suffering a lot of the symptoms she was...

inshaAllah, you don't actually have ne thing serious, but if you do, better to know right away, right :D Please take care of yourself,

the twinkaloolies

El Hazard said...

Hey =)

It's been a long time.. Haha, I may have withdrawn from this semester, but I am so going to haunt the halls ;)

I am planning to go to the doc inshallah.

Take Care

(Lol it still baffles me how u guys sign off as the twinkies. I try to imagine the two of u sitting at the comp at the same time, writing together. Then I think yeah, not possible, but than it is equally weird to imagine just one of u sitting there and referring to urself as the twinkies. lol, I ought to write a book about a set of twins ;) )