Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Friends are for...

Nothing hurts more than when the ppl you think know you, dont have any faith in you at all. When no one else believes in you they are the ones a person is supposed to be able to turn to and feel at peace knowing that no matter how many look down on you there is at least just that one person that still and always will have faith in you. It hurts, really hurts, like a deep cut that refuses to stop throbbing. Or like drowning and someone throws you a line, the line is too short and you have to swim a bit for it. You try with all you've got to reach the line but always just miss it. The one holding the line doesn't understand or refuses to understand that you are trying, in their mind you aren't doing anything, or maybe not enough, and despite the cramp in your leg and the fatigue you feel they look down on you as a lazy quitter. Maybe from other perspectives it doesn't seem that important that you should care what the line holder thinks, but to you it is important and seeing the line holder look down on you like that hurts. Hurts more than your cramping leg or the water rushing into your lungs. That one person is the reason you decide to give in, or give up, after all why bother? Who cares anyways whether you succeed of fail, win or lose? The next day they'll just find something else to look down on you for.

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