Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top 10 Books Based off Movies

The ten best books based on movies are turnarounds of the old formula of book to film. Most book adaptations from films are a sleazy way to collect more bucks from fans who are fooled into thinking that the novel came first or young children eager to read more about the film characters and could care less which came first the film or the book. Comedian and film director Woody Allen commented in film on this practice through a film character married to a woman who writes film to book adaptations. The character found the practice "ridiculous." 
  1. "Starman" by Alan Dean Foster. The film tells the story of a man sent from space to help the poor Earthlings out. It's a romance, science fiction work and a family tale. The book follows the film action with a little bit of everything for all reading ages. 
  2. "The Princess Diaries" by Meg Cabot. When a teen or tween or even twee film attracts viewers in large numbers, the studio usually puts out a book using the title. The diaries here follow the live of a teen girl who moves up in the world as a princess. Nice work, if you can get it. 
  3. The "Star Trek" series of books by Alan Dean Foster. More novelizations going on here by author Foster. This time it's the classic television show that is written up as novels for the film series. 
  4. "Gremlins" by Gipe. Steven Spielberg produced the film and Gipe wrote up the series of film novels that took the concept a zillion steps further. The gremlins of film should not be confused with the books by author Roald Dahl by the same name. 
  5. "E.T." by William Kotzwinkle and others. The Spielberg touch is evident again in this best book based on the successful "E.T." film following the exploits of an extra-terrestrial being. The "E.T." series of novels keeps on giving to young readers. 
  6. "The Black Hole" by Alan Dean Foster. Space is the focus for this best book based on a movie. Basic questions of science and the impact of the gravitational field of this physical phenomena. Add a little human drama and you have the Foster novel for this film. 
  7. "Pale Rider" by Alan Dean Foster.The master author for film is back again in this novel recreating the western film by Clint Eastwood. It's a stark West described in this fiction piece. 
  8. "2001" by Arthur C. Clarke. This book was published concurrently with the film release, but it was written as the film was under production, so it is based on the movie and qualified for this ten best books based on movies list. Director Stanley Kubric shares screenplay honors with Clarke for the film. 
  9. "Bram Stoker's Dracula" by mystery author. Director Francis Ford Coppola's film recreation of the original Bram Stoker classic about a human, or not so human, blood sucker. Without any royalties to be made from the original novel in the popular domain, the studio heads determined that a new book was a ticket to the bank. Rather than let moviegoers cry, "Fowl!" the novel uses the clever title giving Stoker partial credit for the written word. Even with the various changes, the book qualifies as a best book based on a movie due to Stoker's original prose. 
  10. "Logan's Run" by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Published with the film release of the movie of the same name in 1976, this novel follows the escape of Logan from a world where life has turned into a modern hell of advanced technology and government intrusion into the lives of every day citizens. 
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