Monday, December 10, 2012

December 9 2012

Really happy for one of my oldest close friends. She had a baby girl on Sunday morning. It's premature. Inshallah everything will be fine tho. I'm praying for her and her daughter.

I feel like I'm an aunt - again XD I love kids. True they are brats when they scream for no bloody reason, but I guess to them they feel like they have a reason and its just up to us to try and understand that.

Noor. I like that name <3 any="any" around="around" as="as" aunt="aunt" be="be" evil="evil" grin="grin" hope="hope" i="i" inshallah="inshallah" ll="ll" noor="noor" p="p" spoil="spoil" to="to" would="would">

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