Friday, June 19, 2009

Twit Tat

Once upon a time, El Hazard possessed a working msnger. One day someone 'signed in' and El Hazard sees all these annoying characters (~#*!%^ [c=11]). The first day it was weird, so were the second, third and forth days.. By the 365th day El Hazard realized there was something terribly wrong. Then one fine day, El Hazard's fairy sister S, points out that El Hazard needs to download and install MSN live plus! - an extension for windows live messenger. After much hemming and hawing and waiting for 547 days El Hazard finally decided it was time to surrender to live plus!, and surrender El Hazard did. Once live plus! was installed, El Hazard cautiously 'signed in'. "THE COLORS! THE FEATURES! THE NOVELTY OF IT ALL!" El Hazard exclaimed. And from that day forth El Hazard and Windows Msnger Live plus! lived happily but not ever after for all good things ALWAYS come to an end, and a horrid end it had.


- Curses be upon WLM9
- El Hazard's Twitter Account.

Nothing more need be said.


katheria said...

i am not getting the new messenger (I guess) because I can never remember to sign on

i will follow you on twitter! i'm ethabella on it (:

El Hazard said...

It works fine on my ma's laptop, which leads me to believe that it needs to be used with Vista despite msn's failure to mention that.. lol I don't really twitter that often. If i could do it from my phone i'd probably twitter more often!