Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like You Mean It

So the first week of summer course has gone by. Aside from the frequent cluster headaches I've been getting and the fact that the class is a whole hour AND 40 mins long.. math classes have actually been quite interesting. The class is totally on the guy's campus (which is freakin awkward and just plain weird) and we, of course, have guys in the class. A very half-assed partition separates the sexes (I so need to snap a shot for you guys's viewing pleasure!) which is like the joke of the whole school. There are uniformed guards all over - I imagine to 'keep the peace' haha. Right. I wonder how they would describe the status of UoS now? ... "Controlled Co-ed".

Anyways, like I was saying, the classes have been interesting to say the least. We got a guy professor this time around. I know we aren't supposed to be sexist when it comes to math teachers and all but its becoming quite apparent that they are the better teachers in regards to math anyways. The guy teacher at the institute I was going to in Dubai for tutoring sessions was like a mathematical Einstein. When he explained, I understood. When things were difficult, he spoke ENGLISH. Our professor for this semester speaks English as well. Not that any of my other professors or tutors spoke/taught in other languages but they may as well have been for all I understood from them. It was frustrating really.

I think this may also be the first time I was actually present for the first math chapter. I don 't remember studying about the basics of the straight line the previous times. Despite only having spent a week with this new professor, I think I like him. He's got a really short volatile temper. Reminds me of Tony Soprano's temper. It doesnt help much that he kinda slurs words together like Soprano as well. The first day (Monday) he was going through the course syllabus and introduction (in English) like a normal professor and then suddenly he starts yelling all this angry arabic. It took me a minute to register that that was definitely not part of the lecture. I look up from the syllabus hand-out to see him waving around a small black thing. Turned out to be someone's mobile. Apparently while he was going thru the syllabus one of the boys was getting in quality talk time on his phone. It was pretty funny. But just as quickly as he was set off he had calmed down and was smiling again. Lol. Tuesday the lecture went by with out a hitch. Wednesday we had a quiz. We knew we were having a quiz that day. So everyone went in and sat down and we were like waiting for him to pass out the quiz papers. Instead he surprised us all and told us to get out our own sheets of paper, write our names and IDs on them and then copy the quiz question he was going to write on the board. I was thinking Oh Wow we are all sitting next to each other (like usually they make us sit at alternate desks and stuff) so just before we start his angry alter ego "Mr. Soprano" (fitting name) comes out and threatens that if we attempt in any way...even if he so much as 'thinks' we are attempting, we'd get a zero. Then he adds that with him there are 'two' zeros - a red zero and a yellow zero... I imagine it must be something along the lines of Soccer (football to the rest of u guys ;P) with their red and yellow cards lol. So he wraps up with 'You all be careful.' I almost felt sorry for the girl beside me cuz even if she wanted to cheat, i'd be like the last person she'd wanna cheat from! When I saw the question my brain immediately froze. Like what the hell? I knew that I knew how to solve it and it was a relatively easy problem but I was having trouble remembering how to go about doing that. In the end though, I put down pretty much all of the correct answer except for the last part of the equation. I guess I'll see on Sunday how much leaving out parts of equations cost in marks.. After the quiz we carried on with the lesson as usual. Like half hour before the end of class the teacher makes this swift movement on the boys' side of the partition and next thing he slams a familiar black device on his desk. He's glaring angerily at the boys' side but says nothing surprisingly. Instead he turns back to the board and starts writing again. Once he finished writing, he opens his mouth to speak and I imagined he'd be explaining what he had just written - and maybe thats what he had originally wanted to do but the object on his desk caught his eye and set him off. Haha. There was no stopping him. He went on and on about how rude and wrong it is for someone to be using their phone while in a lecture. And the retarded guy he took the phone from was arguing his case saying he wasnt doing anything like texting. He claimed he was just receiving. Oh the professor loved that. His face got all red and his eyes turned mini-saucers and he looked like he was ready to drag the kid out by his ear and drag him all the way to that great and mighty (cough cough) chancellor of ours. And like everytime he seemed like he was winding down to continue the guy argued some more. A couple of girls grinned. A few giggled. I tried my best not to laugh, smile grin or look amused but in all honesty it was hilarious. And what's more, it was the same boy from the first lesson with the phone. Some ppl just dont learn, sadly. I guess its a good thing though, it makes the hour and 40 mins a little less mundane. ;)

This summer promises to be very busy, aside from summer course. I registered for art & calligraphy classes. I'm going to finally learn to swim (though I still very much hate that sport). I'm also going to try and finish my new novel -which entails learning welsh and perhaps gaelic or latin. Should be fun I hope. Oh, and I got an invitation letter from this cadet pilot programme I registered for. I had signed on ever since last year, I was really depressed and needed a change of routine so that was like the most random spontaneous thing I could do. I'm not as interested in it any more but since I have the invitation letter I may as well go on for the assessment test and see how far I get. They say its 6 aptitude tests that you have to take in 4hours and based on ur performance on them you get to move to the next round/part of assessment which is held on a different day. It'll be interesting at least - I wonder if I'll be the only female there...

I need to go put some honest hours into my neglected novel - and most probably play sims 2 ;)

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