Friday, July 03, 2009


So I was tagged by Roon. Thanx and sorry I took so long..

8 Things I'm looking forward to...

  1. next uni semester
  2. summer ending
  3. finishing the novels i'm working on
  4. taking a filming course at NYFA
8 Things I wish I could do...

  1. Go skim surfing
  2. Get a new desktop comp
  3. Go snowboarding
  4. Graduate
  5. Get a job
8 Things I love....

  1. Tennis
  2. The N96
  3. Writing- and ppl actually reading what I write, doesnt matter if they like it or not
  4. BMWs
  5. Seeing/making ppl smile
  6. Photography and most recently filming
  7. My Ipod
  8. Captain Awesome [Ewok]
8 Things I did yesterday

  1. Lazed in bed till 9:30
  2. Took mom and little bro to the airport
  3. Picked mom and little bro up from the airport [ they called me back cuz little bro took so long getting ready - he's like worse than a girl with all his hair/face products and accessories he has to put on before he can go out- that they missed their flight.]
  4. Helped make breakfast
  5. Lazed in bed some more while watching the Beast and texting friends.
  6. Chatted with friends on ebuddy [I so need a new laptop]
  7. Toyed with the idea of actually finishing a chapter of Llewellyn
  8. Drove mom and bro back to the airport at 8pm for their flight [ This time they were late again but on the father's account - i think its a genetic thing....has to be]
8 Shows I watch...

  1. Grey's Anatomy
  2. Laguna Beach
  3. One Tree Hill
  4. Chuck
  5. Gossip Girl
  6. The Hills
  7. Greek
  8. The Beast
8 Bloggers I tag

  1. Bookworm
  2. Kath
  3. Ruby
  4. Drunk n Gorgeous
  5. Neechan
  6. The spear
  7. Neel
  8. Hmm, I'm outta ppl, guess I'll just go and tag any random blogger ;)


Neel the DarkRanger said...

Your mom and bro missed the flight because of a grooming session! Unbelievably wow lol :)

Bookworm said...

loool, so they missed it twice, eh?

InshaAlla you'll get to do the things you are looking fwd to.

Thanks for the tag.

Roon said...

No probs =)

btw, u didnt put Eight things in most Qz..

n the tag is .. *wanders with eyes

all about eight *whistles...

^.^ ur family did travel at the end right..?

El Hazard said...

It is truly unbelievable and even more surprising that mother wasnt that angry about missing the first flight due to her son's grooming.

They missed the first flight but checked in early for the second flight so that even though they were like extremely late for boarding they still were able to get on since they were already checked in. Thanx and ditto to you ;)

Hehe, I know I know. I couldnt think of anymore things for my wishes or what i'm looking fwd to >_<
Yeah, in the end they did somehow manage to travel. lol.

kath said...

ok i'll try to do this
btw i write on a different address now