Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Touch It, You Buy It

Here's an interesting article I stumbled across on The article was basically pointing out the connection between potential buyers and how touching/feeling/holding the potential purchase actually heightens the chance of the buyer making the purchase.

Makes me wonder. I've driven alot of cars. Different cars. I can envision myself with a number of them. Whether it's a car I've been dreaming of, or something that looks cool, is fast and has excellent handling. At any rate, in all my wildest fantasies I've never pegged myself to be a Camry type. Such a generic, standard issue car. Borderline boring is what I might have said about it if asked last week. So little brother's usual car is in for servicing and the Camry is sorta a fill in till he gets his ride back. Little brother travelled a few days ago and asked me to drive him to the airport so he handed me the keys to the Cam. At first it was a bit awkward, about a couple of minutes to adjust to the handling and feel of everything. Different from other brother's Mazda and definitely different from mother's Previa. And yet it still had that feel, or rather, Toyota flavor about it. By the time I got him to the airport I felt more comfortable in terms of the overall driving feel. It was late though, so I just went home without really taking it for a more indepth spin. The following day I opted to take it to sharjah. Nothing like taking a car out on that long stretch of highway to put it to the ultimate test. I was reasonably impressed. Despite it being a cheap Toyota car it was fitted with one of those beep once to let you know when you've gone over 120kmph but once you hit 121/122 it goes silent and just flashes a little light saying 120kmph. (I cant stand the cars that have to alarm once you hit 120 and proceed to get louder the faster you go) It did 140 pretty smoothly, not much noise or shaking - as some cars like to do if you go a bit fast. Climbing to 160 was just as smooth, didnt leave you feeling like it was straining to maintain that speed. It was more like "I'm at your service, would you like more power?". I mean sure it wasnt reeking power like the Lexus but it was doing a pretty impressive job for a Camry. So I was cruising at a comfortable 160, nothing more nothing less. Suddenly I hear this noise like a helicopter was trying to land. For a few seconds it got louder, and I was wondering if it was really from the cam or not. Slowing up some, the noise eased up a bit then I was 100% sure it was from the Cam. I was thinking what the hell? My first thought was that there was some prob in the engine or something. Pulled over to find one of the back tires had blown. Totally shredded, looked like wolverine had taken his claws to it or something. (Pretty ironic since just a few weeks back I had been telling my mom and bro that I needed to learn how to change a tire since it was something I dont know how to do and would come in handy one day.) So I'm sitting there at the Dubai-AD border with a shredded tire waiting for my bro to come and fix it, and I'm like "Wow, our first day out and this is what you do to me?!" After like an hour or 2 of waiting the tire was changed and I was back on the road. I felt pretty sour at the car but I carried on with my day and by the return ride home I had decided to name it. Misty. Dont ask.

The car has definitely seduced me. I'm thinking to ask can I keep her - or at least get her little brother Aurion (IMO Aurion is the classier sibling). The power of Touch & Buy... Perhaps.

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Jenna Hepperson said...

I remember in chess the "touch, move" thing. It's kind of strange but interesting in fact can be a topic for essay.