Sunday, January 11, 2009

D is for DemonSpawn

I'm not sure which I hate more; ingrates, snitches or those who don't have the balls to behave like normal people.

Having said that,

My stepbro is an ass.

It is definitely to his good fortune (and he ought to thank his Lord a million times over) that I am bound by my very own personal code of ethics and can't swipe my fist across his face simply for being a most detestable creature.


Halawa said...

*Intakes breath*

What did he do?

My my girl, he better thank the Lord.

I like the way you kept the description short but it had all the meaning it should. Ejaz hazthef anyone?

Neel the DarkRanger said...

How old is he and what did he do?

El Hazard said...

The little [well maybe I should say big, since he is taller than I am] demon is 14 and not only has he managed to do all of the mentioned things I hate, but he also acts as if he lacks any sort of moral compass at all. I mean he's always been a pain in the ass but last year he got sent away to stay with his uncle for a while. His uncle worked a freakin miracle. Sent the boy back a changed person. He had manners, class and it seemed he had learned how to be a human over that short period he stayed with his uncle. Of course none of my family believed that and they still saw him as the same brat that got sent away. I thought it was really unfair, so I took his side. Argued on his behalf no matter what family member was complaining. Only to have him betray my trust. I dont take too kindly to betrayal. It's one of the things that make me see red.