Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Honest 10

I've been tagged by Bookworm again, this one was pretty interesting. This tag apparently requires for the tagged to state 10 honest facts about themself and then tag others - probably 10 others but I'm sure I'll fall short in that department.

At first only things I was ashamed to admit would come to mind, but then I realized that wasn't stipulated in the rules. It just has to be any 10 honest things. Hehe, I jotted them down in my phone before I crashed for a snooze this afternoon so here they are:

  1. I'm generally a by the book person but I hate to be or feel restricted - which leads me to do things on whim or spur of the moment just to prove that I can deviate from the rules at times.
  2. I like to study with my headphones on, even if nothing is actually playing.
  3. I have OCD/perfectionist tendencies. For example, when I used to write letters to some of my friends I would first write in pencil to be sure all letters were formed properly and that there would be no crossings out or corrector markings. Then I'd go over the penciled letter with a pen. Another example is my room, either it is a complete and totally mess or emaculately clean depending on my mood - and in both extremes there is still a set order to things and I know when the slightest thing has been disturbed.
  4. Sometimes I open both of my msn accounts and have a back and forth chat with myself.
  5. I hate keeping things in my head. If I'm going to the store for more than 3 things, even if it is just 4 items, I HAVE to have a handwritten list. (Drives mother crazy cuz I always make her write it lol.)
  6. I usually know when I'm dreaming and if I'm not satisfied with what was happening at the time of my waking, then I'd just conclude it as I see fit, during the day. Like once when I was a kid I dreamt that I got seperated from my family at that moment I woke up. I felt really bad that to them I would have just disappeared, so I sent a fill in double of me and imagined that they lived happily ever after. Haha, I know that sounds kinda lame, but I still do that. Especially if I have a bad dream.
  7. Being around people, even friends, used to be awkward for me. As a result my stomach would clam up and I could never show any emotions in social situations.
  8. I get insanely attached to people and things (animals included) and that's probably why I can hold intense grudges for very long periods. 'Love is a prerequiste of hate'.
  9. I love it when people are happy. I enjoy it even more when I have had a hand in making them so.
  10. I adore my older sis - even if she does embarass all hell outta me at times and we dont see eye-to-eye on things. (I would never admit this to her face! - and older onee, if ever u should bring this up I'll deny this post ever existed!! =P)

Yalla, who to tag.. D&G, Ruby, Older oneechan, hmm, Chocoholic, (Gosh BW, I'd have tagged Kath if u didnt go ahead and do it =P) Hala, DarkRanger and Dubai Guy


Halawa said...

Haha, I got tagged. I'll post about mine soon Inshallah :)

Dragon said...

Awwwwwwwwww, sis! You like me! You really like me! Ok, now what am I supposed to do exactly???

El Hazard said...


I wasnt sure u would do it being that it's exam time but I figured I'd tag ya anywayz and give u the choice to do or not;)


:sighs: At the top of my post I wrote that u are supposed to make ur own post on ur own blog. That post is supposed to be about 10 things which are true about u. When u finish, then u are supposed to 'tag' others (meaning u write their names at the end of that post of urs and then u leave them a comment on their blogs saying u tagged them and that they have to now write 10 honest things about themselves). It's easy m'kay =P

Bookworm said...

I def remember you telling me about the letter wrting ritual and i was quite shocked. But I have my own OCD tendencies so..

Unlike you, I'd rather keep things in my head. But then, after learning about planning and all, ive become quite attached to pencil and paper.

Hehe, interesting dream 'end'. I did that, but well differently. I'd imagine either an ending for an unfinished dream or an alternative ending.

Enjoyed reading this

El Hazard said...

I still feel very self-conscious about handwriting things (unless it's the first draft of a story I'm working on) and when given the choice, I always choose 'type and print' ;)

Lol, I think my beloved UoS has also learnt a thing or two about planning. They are now giving out planners to us students by the box-loads. They're cute though, beautiful dark green color with gold lettered 'University of Sharjah' across the fronts. If I hadn't been so wiped from being sent all over campus I would have walked a few steps more and taken one from the many stocked piles..

I'm glad u enjoyed reading =)

Halawa said...


Loved it! OCD lolz. You study at UoS? Dad is a Sociology professor there :D..

I sure will do it, but after I'm done with my last exam next Monday Inshallah. <3

El Hazard said...

Yep, I study in UoS. Serious WOW though about ur dad ;) I was going to take sociology as an elective this semester cuz my friend has been raving about it (and the professor who taught it) ever since she took it, lol.

I wish u all the best with ur exam Monday inshallah =)