Sunday, October 12, 2008

Patience Eludes Moi

Tim Burton is absolutely my favorite, hands down. The last production of his I saw was Corpse Bride - which seriously ROCKED. Hmm, no wait.. the last thing I saw of his was the Vincent Price short. That was really good too lol. I found out today though that he is working on a new project, wait for it......


Admittedly I dont forsee myself reading the book.. (Mathlover Carroll ::shakes fist:: >.<) but with Burton showing it through his eyes, lol, it's bound to be interesting ^^.

I can't wait for it =D


Bookworm said...

I had wanted to watch Sweeney Todd but haven't yet.

The author may be some sort of math genius, but his book don't exactly read like math books ;) Heck, you wouldn't even notice they had math in 'em..

El Hazard said...

If that is truly the case, AFTER I have watched Burton's Alice, I may give the book a try ;)
Haha I might notice a mathematical aura about it, I'm highly, highly sensitive to math in all shapes and forms =P