Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we dont ask for

I really have begun wondering if what I want is really good for me and if my choices are right choices. I mean its one thing to set goals and get all fired up to achieve them. But when your burning all your energy and seem not to be getting any closer to that goal or gaining what you want, isnt it time to pause and reevaluate? It cant always be wrong to just give up, or is it? Is a person really not allowed to get tired of pushing in the opposite direction of the current? Can't they ever get tired of playing by the rules? Lord knows no one else is following them.

I'm tired. I really am. Tired of my own restraints. Tired of following rules. Tired of breaking rules. Tired of promises. Tired of hating myself and my life. Tired in general of everything.

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katheria said...

Is that a real road ad?

Swim against the current and see how far it takes you. You might be surprised =)