Tuesday, October 07, 2008

One day..

It blows. It really blows when you have a point to prove and despite your best efforts to do so, you cant quite pull it off. I'm not complaining though. Yep, that was one of the things on one of my many new lists. No whining, no complaining. Shit happens and will continue to happen as long as life goes on, same like rain. It rains we pull out the rain gear (unless you happen to live in Sharjah - no disrespect intended love - in which case it might be smart for us all to invest in row boats for such occasions of rain. hehe Sharjah is one of the most interesting places I've had the pleasure of living in ;) ) so yeah, when shit happens from now on I shall pull out the 'shit gear' (Hopefully I remember the drill on such an occasion cuz my memory is very selective)

I am an impatient person. I hate to wait. I'll keep telling myself that one day I will prove that point though and in the end it will be worth the wait inshallah.

I realized something quite new today. "A bum no longer belongs to time, rather, time belongs to the bum" haha, hurray for bums yeah?

I downloaded some new anime today. Kuroshitsuji and Toradora! . Now all I need is a hardcore anime the likes of Monster or Death Note and I'll have a well balanced visual meal ^^

Did I mention I cant wait for December?

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