Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sleepless Zombie

48 straight hours. No sleep, not even a bit. No dozing, no eye resting. None of it. And just when I thought that maybe the elusive visitor was reluctantly coming to pay its respects, Kersck decides to test out the webcam and vid chat on her new laptop. She and the aunt were on there talking and laughing, it was fun, it really was. Of course such activity at 5am chased away the very idea of sleep though. Seriously, sleeping has become like trying to hunt a deer. You have to wait hours for it to come around out in the open to graze and any little misstep or noise sets it running off all scared to come back again. By 8am this morning the headache that has kept my company for days decided to get agressive. I was feeling like a hit-n-run victim. Kersck finally decided to run along to bed leaving me to lay in mine awaiting 'the deer' to come back. It was long in coming and in the end I'm not sure if it ever came at all. Everything was just suddenly black, quiet... kinda peaceful. I think I vaguely remember some sort of dream. That long awaited peace and relief was not to be though. My phone was blaring her highness's ringtone to officially let me know my brief ronin days were over. Some ppl have seriously never heard of sticking to their roles. I mean fresh off a 12 hour flight you'd think she'd be fatigued, head straight to the palace and dive into her royal bed. Ha, ha, HA. Nope that would have been too normal. Instead ringing me is more befitting of her majesty. Still not really a crime, despite waking me up, I mean it would be kinda normal to let a person know that u landed safely (She ought to take a page outta the classier folk out there and just send a freakin sms) but of course it wasn't about landing safely, it was to enquire first about the royal-mobile which I took the liberty to commandeer. I told her it's fine and good and she'll get it back soon enough. Then she asked what I was doing. I mean seriously, my voice must have sounded like nails going through a grinder and she's questioning what I was doing??? SLEEPING, until she woke me of course. I told her she ought to try doing the same. Some how that translated to 'let's change the subject'. And suddenly she turned quizzical over a pair of shoes and some jeans that belonged to the little demon spawn bro of mine. He was showing his true demonic colors and no one wanted to give him the beat down he was begging for. I'm not one for getting my hands dirty but that doesnt mean I'm going to sit back and watch someone who clearly needs a behavioral 101 lesson get away with whatever they pleased. So I started taking some of the items which he deemed 'precious' to him. Message was clear, behave your little demonic arse or be prepared to face the consequences. At any rate, he proved to be alot dumber than I had assumed and didnt seem to learn much except two-facism. When I left, he asked my step bro to ask me about those items and where I put them (as if I'd really tell). When that failed he asked the older bro to ask me. Needless to say I aint spill and got no intentions on doing anything of the such, least not in the forseeable future.
So at this time of morning when I was trying to get my sleep on, her highness is quizzing me about those items. Sleep deprivation does make a person prone to sudden onset of bitchmode. She got testy and hung up. Ha, can't you just feel the love??


Bookworm said...

Aww! Being a chronic insomniac, I can certainly relate to your sleepless nights.

Well, I hope you get over this quickly! Sleep deprivation is just torture..you know, anything from your recent move here to things that have happened in your life in the past 3-6 months could be the culprits. Stress over work, or school, anemia related problems, any of those cause insomnia..anyhow, wish ya the best of luck in kicking that monster outta your life!

El Hazard said...

Thanx dear. I'll pray for it this Ramadan inshallah =)