Friday, August 01, 2008


Lol, I forgot to mention I also watched an ep of Proposal Daisakusen yesterday. At first I was taken in by the fact that it seemed to be about baseball (main characters, YamaPi and some female I don't recognize yet, play the roles of baseball player and club manager respectively.). Turns out it was just that first ep that focused on the event that was going on when a certain picture was snapped after their game. It was ok. The kind of drama I'd watch when I am bored or need a break from writing or something.
Today we watched two more eps from different dramas. The first was Happy!. We had been going thru my friend's drama collection and I asked her to give me a short description of each one so I could decide what I wanted to see. As soon as she said that Happy! had tennis I had to see it. Lol. It was different and probably the reason I liked it - aside from the tennis part =P Just now we watched the first ep of another drama, Attention Please. That one was really funny. I'll seriously have to go find my blank dvds tomorrow, then get my dvd player fixed...
Gosh, I seriously need to play some video games! When I go for too long without hitting the ever comforting buttons of a controller I feel like a great aspect of life is missing. Ok break time is over, time to watch the next drama!

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