Friday, August 01, 2008

The Devil

Today was fairly interesting. I actually managed to extract myself from the bed at a respectable hour. After milling about like the unemployed bum without a purpose (which, I might add, isn't really a bad status. I suppose I'll feel differently about it when my funds run dry.) that I am, I decided to go hang out with Kame's self-proclaimed fiancee. Crazy one that female, her and her cat. But it was fun, ha, it's always fun ;) We watched alot of Jdrama today. The first one she showed me was one that starred YamaPi. It was kinda like a japanese version of ER - or what I imagine ER was like since I've never seen any medical shows except for Doogie Howser MD, I don't think that really counts though lol. Anyways the name of this drama was Code Blue. I liked it despite the fact that the amount of blood made me squirmish. We watched the first ep together and she burned the remaining 3 that had been subbed on DVD for me.
Next we watched Yamada Taro Monogatari. A school drama about a boy everyone thinks is rich but in reality is rock bottom poor. It was cute. We watched half of the first ep. I'll probably go and finish watching the rest after I post this.
After Yamada, she told me she had this drama that she really wanted to watch but because it was so high quality it wouldn't play properly on her computer. She sent it to my comp thru msn (since my DVD player got busted in an unfortunate accident) and we watched it. AMAZING it was. I've only seen the first ep so far but I can already say it's going to go down on my list with Death Note and Monster (two of my all time favorites in that genre). This one was called Maou (The Devil). The same guy, Ikuta Toma, from HanaKimi played in this drama as the detective. The poor boy (Ninomiya Kazunari) from Yamada also made an appearance in the first ep.
Akh, I'm tired out and need to drag myself up early again tomorrow.... Hopefully my attempt to post more frequently is satisfying those of you who come after me in my long absences =P


Bookworm said...

oooh, im definitely gonna steal some of those dramas from ya :P

El Hazard said...

Hehe ;)