Tuesday, June 24, 2008


How much I missed it here. I'm in Sharjah for now and the first place I decided to go was my beloved uni. Not sure which home exactly it is but between Uni and the Club they both fall in the 1st and 2nd home categories. Ha, I'm beginning to believe that any place the family isn't in is home, and you know something.. I think I just might go with that. I only feel truly at peace when I know I am in a place where they are no where around.
Actually Sharjah feels pretty lonely these days. Hardly anyone is around (I mean aside from random folk). I still miss being here though. It wouldn't be a crime to entertain myself alone in the absence of the interesting ppl that are missing. Mother decided to extend her stay. She believes that somehow H might change her mind and come back with her... Maybe if hell were to freeze over, or a thousand years passed or if I suddenly became a billionairess over night (working on that =P) but at any rate I suppose she'll have to find that out for herself the hard way since she wants to pretend to be clueless to H's hints.
I almost wish I were taking summer courses. Ha, I probably should have enrolled. I guess though I have been using my time kinda wisely up in the prison. I've been plagued by new book ideas. I had one for a children's book while in the shower (Don't ask...I am in no control over where a new idea pops up at). I got out and wrote it up within 24hours. I found an illustrator for it as well though I'm not sure if it's the one I'll go with. I like her work but she might be too pricy. As for other projects I had an idea for a fantasy book and a skate-lit. Both I started but decided to put them on hold cuz they are about royalty and I wanted something from a different vein (Princess of Arabia is about royalty). Hehe my lips are sealed as far as the two current projects I'm working on. If I can keep to schedule they should be done sometime in July... I am horrible with schedules ;) So I guess they'll be done when they get done.
I told one of my classmates I'd meet her at 12 and it's already 11:58 so I guess I better get my arse moving....

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