Sunday, June 22, 2008

250th Post...

I just thought I might title this post with its post number as a commemoration of sorts. Anywayz.
I had forgotten how theraputic downloading torrents could be. It truly had been too long since last I went on and went on a downloading spree. I started today with freeing space on my external so that I could move things from my laptop onto it. Currently the external is in the process of moving the selected contents off on to mother's computer (ha, she's not here to see 35 GBs of space being taken over by moi in mere minutes..). In the meantime I've managed to start loads of new downloads. Mostly Gossip Girl eps, season one totally rocked. I'm feeling a bit lost as to what anime I should get. It feels like ages since the days when I'd come home to open mininova and download any new anime title that appeared on the list. I did decide to complete my Zombie Loan collection. Episodes 8-11 are currently downloading. And there was another anime I had started to watch back in my first semester that I haven't looked back at since I couldn't download the rest. It was called Lovely Complex. Interesting anime that one. So I put two of its later eps on to download as well. I must say, at the moment I'm feeling reasonably at peace - a huge surprise given I am still stuck in AD.
There were a few jdramas I started on youtube and was considering downloading as well. And although downloading is nice I doubt and hope that I won't be here much longer so I probably wouldn't have time to download them anyway. Turns out though a girl I know has them so I'll just give her the DVDs to copy them on to. Things always have a way of working out neh?

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