Monday, June 30, 2008

Sir Beckenheim

That is what I've decided to name my racket. Sir Squeegee Beckenheim if u please. I'm not sure but he seems to be quite pleased with his new title.
I've been saying for a while that since I'm here in AD I may as well check out the Ladies Club. I'll admit it does feel a bit treachous going off and playing in a club other than SLC but I suppose it shall prove to be for the greater good.
My all time favorite store (though second to the tape shop) Adidas is apparently having a summer sale. I caved and finally brought these pair of Barricade Tennis shoes I've been eyeing for years. Unfortunate for me they weren't the color I had really wanted. I've resolved to put my color obsession aside for now and just enjoy my first REAL (as in made for tennis and also being of genuine Adidas workmanship - cuz u can get a cheaper knockoff for 200dhs less than the real stuff) pair of tennis shoes. Good thing I brought a green Adidas shirt last time I went to Marina Mall, I am surely going to need it to go with the green in the shoes!
I seriously hope the AD Ladies Club has a tennis wall or maybe I'll be fortunate enough to find someone really great to play with... maybe.

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