Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Annie

That's the nickname H had given to our stepbrother Anas. It's pretty funny, he hates to be called little annie but the name kinda stuck and it totally suits him. One day I asked him if he'd prefer I called him 'big annie'. "AWINAAAAAA" was the reply I got from him. He then informed me that he's little and not 'big'.. He couldn't have spoken more of the truth. He's 3 years old and seriously an original midget. He can go home and we not see him for months and then when you finally see him again you'd expect that he grew considerably but that is never the case - not even an inch. The only thing that grows on the kid is his hair. That stuff is way outta control when it grows. Sticks up in every which way.

This pic was snapped during one of his 'tamer' moments. I think he was 2 years old in the pic. He's pretty much a good kid despite his foul mouth at times but even then he only unleashes it on those who annoy him so I guess he's entitled to that.

Last week I was teaching him how to play cards. He was picking up pretty quick mashalla. Sometimes I have second thoughts about that though, especially when he brings them when I'd rather be doing something else - who can say 'no' to such a cute midget? One of the times while we were playing cards he told me he 'likes' me. Lol I guess that was pretty obvious considering the moment he opens his eyes in the morning he comes looking for me. He usually eats breakfast with me as well. Yesterday I had been gone for most of the day and had left before he woke up. When I came back he asked me to take him out. So I took him out and brought him two of his favorite cartoon characters.. Tom & Jerry. Serious plus points for me lol. He walks around clutching them tightly. Super KAWAIII!! It's seriously cute when he speaks. He's yet to learn the difference between languages and uses both english and arabic words. Like one day we were playing with this colored string. I picked up one and told him it was green. He got so indignant and corrected me saying: "LAAAA hai akhdar!" I said ok, the next string I picked up was a black one so I was like "Uh this one is aswad." He gave me a look that seemed to say I was such a hopeless case. He grabbed the string, pointed to it and said it was "BLACK". Lol talk about confusion. I found out that anything he knows in arabic he doesn't know the english for it and vice versa. So like when he says "sayara" he has no idea that it's called a "car" and will argue you down if you try to tell him it has another name. He's a pretty funny kid. He's the only thing I actually miss when I'm not in AD.


katheria said...

I think I was introducted to him before, right? He is very adorable mashAllah! It's cute that he uses both Arabic and English. My little brother does that too (I guess 'cause of his school...)

El Hazard said...

Yep you were but he had already had a full day and by the time you met him he was all tired out.
Lol that's another thing about him, once he's had fun he usually likes to sleep. When I took them to the mall and after they had played and ate and everything I got them ice cream. He was doing pretty well with it and then suddenly he just stopped. The ice cream was melting all over his hand and running down his arm while he just clutched it with this really far away look in his eyes. He had totally spaced out to the point where I was calling him several times before he finally responded. I asked him what was wrong. Poor guy said he wanted to sleep.
Does your bro know that arabic and english are two different languages?

Katheria said...

Awwww he is so cute!

As for my bro... I'm not sure lol