Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just Another Day

An amazing thing happened today. Totally unexpected and to this moment I am still shocked... I had been worried about this argument essay I had to write for Academic English class. The teacher is a real hard nose. Rarely - heck what am I saying, NEVER is she satisfied with what we write and if it's over the word limit..ha ha HA. That's all I'm going to say about that. As for today though, I had the shock of my life when she handed my paper back and I saw she had written "Excellent Work!!" on it. Not only had she READ it, even though it was way over the word limit, but she also "liked" it. I had to blink a few times make sure I wasn't dreaming (last night I woke up like 4 times during the night cuz I smelt some fanatastic vanilla pudding...turned out I had been dreaming about it and there wasn't actually any pudding =( ) I read it fast, I read it slow, I read it carefully and yes it still said "Excellent Work!!" exclamation marks and all. How pleased I was.
Everything comes to an end though.. and that pleasure lasted for the duration of 3 hours till my HTML lab started and I saw the new additions to my group. These two that got paired with us (there were actually 3 of them but the third has been AWOL since the first day she was introduced as my new partner) are out of their bloody minds! They honestly think that we are going to do our HTML project on "Ethics"... seriously, the teacher gave us the choice of a free topic and she wants something entertaining. There's no way in hell we could present 'ethics' in an entertaining way. The self-proclaimed leader of our group decided on the topic (even after we gave her very interesting topic ideas; Wedding Traditions from around the world, Culture, Resturants....) she went as far as to collect websites about all types of ethics (email, net, business religious...u name it she had it) then she got to drawing the site design. Dear God. I had a splitting level 10 headache and this girl just would not shut up. I told her look it's the weekend have mercy but she kept on. I turned to my computer screen, pouted and tried silently waiting her out. I happened to glance over at the design that she was drawing and suddenly I could not control myself and the devil set in. I laughed my bloody head off (though it hurt like hell) and asked why on God's green earth did our site design look like a freakin pepperoni pizza??? Honest to God, she drew a big circle with a bunch of smaller circles inside (I guess it didn't help that I was starving anyway). I know that was seriously mean to laugh and I think she was pretty offended cuz she didn't talk to us (me and my partner) at all since that day but that was beyond my control.
Today, our teacher was showing us some of the previous projects and some of the ones that won best done, creativity etc. awards. One was a Make-up site (the teacher loved that one so much and has been mentioning it here and there all semester) another was a site done by the boys, it was a sort of digital shopping thing done with flash. You actually walk through this mall and can put clothes, accessories and things u see into the cart. Then in the end if u want u can have some one model it on screen. Like this guy comes and you click something and it shows him wearing items from ur cart (I guess sorta like checking which items go good together). At any rate, they did a really good job and in the end, some business guy from AD found out about it and purchased the site and idea from them. Not that I care so much about someone buying or not buying out site cuz I'm not aiming to make one for sale, I just want to make something really nice and interesting and in the end have a finished product I could be proud of (I am so still hurting from the crappy group presentation from last semester..). I looked at my original partner (I'll call her "A" from now on) and just mouthed "Ethics??" Her answer, "Madree Wallah..." BUT this time she actually had some what of an opinion to add to her infamous Madree phrase. She agreed that ethics would be hella boring and that we are running out of time.. both painfully obvious but I was happy to finally be hearing some sort of opinion out of her. Thankfully I have a great friend who usually has great solutions to my rather petty problems. (The hugest gufta sweat dripped off my face today when I realized that I should have gotten the answer before since it was pretty obvious..haha they'll probably be there in that small ZU cafe area trying to mop up the gufta puddle I left.) Talking to her made me realize that if the topic is so obviously boring choose a different one.. and though she didn't out right say just force a better topic on the group, it was pretty much implied :: evil grin:: (They can thank me for it later should it be successful and the rest of the class is drooling over our project). Thanx BW for listening to my chatter tonight and it was definitely nice hearing ur voice during my boredom =)
I guess I best get to work if I want them to accept this new project topic...

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katheria said...

Would have loved to see that site that won the award. Seems really creative.