Thursday, May 08, 2008


Ugh, for the first time in a really really long time (like months) I ate 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the same day (yesterday) at their proper times.. On average I end up only eating once a day, some time around 3 or 4pm, and on rare days I manage to eat twice, lunch and something not quite dinner but after lunch. Yesterday though, on the way to uni my youngest sis wanted to stop at the Co-op. I said ok since it was just me and her and we were pretty early to be getting to uni/school. The bakery section there is amazing and their breads look so soft! So I brought a small plate of mixed fatayer (was heavenly!) got some juice and a canada dry. Then at 2 I went with a friend to MC Donalds. Ordered a burger with fries and diet cola. I got a donut and brought a box of munchkins (I didn't know what kinda donut she wanted so I figured if I got a box of mixed munchkins for sure she'd find one that she liked..) She turned out to be the type that doesn't eat sweets with food. So she only had 2. So I was left with a box of 23 munchkins. I ate a few on my way home. Lucky for me when I got home my bro wanted them so I sold them to him for 6dhs. Then later mother actually made something that looked nice for dinner (usually she makes things that are way too healthy looking and smelling for my liking so I skip dinner). So that was my 3rd meal of the day. Ha, I guess she was in a really good mood cuz there were donuts for dessert as well. I had an apple one (closer to healthy =P)... I feel like a bloated pig now. Maybe I'll abstain from food consumption for today..
Yesterday was a pretty light day, uni-wise. I only have one lone class, arabic. It is horrendously boring and the guy makes sure he keeps us for the FULL hour and 15mins of it. The lesson we took was about some guy's son having come back from Haj. The father was questioning him about his trip and all. I started day dreaming, as usual, but then all of a sudden I got this strong feeling. I want to go for Haj this year. I've always said I didn't wanna go even though it was such a shameful thing to think much less say. And it's not that I haven't sat in islamic lectures before that went through Haj and its rituals bit by bit, but even after those I never felt like going. Just so suddenly I feel this urge/need to go.
Did I ever mention how much I hate group projects?


katheria said...

The co-op's fatayer are yuuummmmm <3<3<3<3

You really should eat more during the's not healthy D:!

I want to go to Haj too...

Who actually likes group projects?!?

El Hazard said...

Lol, the mother was in that area and I told her to bring me fatayer from the co-op. I am a maniac for sabanakh fatayer especially and I told her that was what I wanted from there. She said ok but when she came back she had sabanakh fatayer from some random bakery. It was heart breaking and very ewww especially when u have ur self set on and craving co-op ones.

I keep hoping that one day before I graduate I'll fall in with the most amazing group and we'll complete the most amazing project... One day it just may happen =P

Bookworm said...

wow, just once a day? o.O

Hope you get to go to Hajj soon >.< I want to go again as well.

InshaAlla you'll get to be in a great group some day;) it might just happen you know

El Hazard said...

Once is really the only time I actually feel hungry. Lately though I've been eating alot of junk. Stress maybe. Hopefully this will all pass soon.

I was thinking about group work and I've come to the conclusion that I will definitely have a great group experience inshallah. I have a theory that I could possibly achieve that with a good strategy, of course it's too late for this semester but if I ever find myself in a group work project again I will certainly try to use it. =)