Sunday, May 04, 2008


Gauss, Jordan and Cramer... the culprits responsible for the headache threatening to split my head into separate continents - curses be upon them. Seriously what the hell?!?! I so don't get what their obsession is with putting zeros in fields that clearly have whole numbers. Celebrated freaks with painfully obvious number fetishes... Thankfully the teacher only called on me to read out the orginal equation.
I'm starting to feel a bit bad for her though. When she's not yelling or questioning why I can't answer such "simple" questions she's actually kinda nice. My classmates got her pretty heated last month (or maybe it was in March) anywayz it was over a quiz. She got so mad that she said she wasn't giving us anymore quizzes and would grade us according to how we scored on the previous quizzes (none of which I managed passing grades). The few girls that were doing really badly had already dropped the course. So basically the no quiz thing was probably going to only have an effect on me - or not, given my performance with them. She has since brought them back and I have resumed scoring perfect zeros. The quiz before last she seemed pretty fed up with me, probably with all due right since the paper was totally blank except for my name and student ID.. She told me she is trying to help me and that is how I am helping her. (she still doesn't know that I dropped the course..) So come Tuesday (last week) I scored a 6/20 - improvement over zero but still failed unfortunately. Afterwards she announced that she had some good news. She told us that the university was allowing her to introduce the grading curve so she would be able to give us 'push ups' in our marks. In a way I kinda regret quitting so easily but given the fate I have even if she did give us this grading curve I'd probably still end up with an F... definitely sux to be me. I wonder if she'll be happy to see me again next semester?
I'm really starting to miss that darn coach. Not her herself, just her barking and the exercise. I feel old, sluggish and lazy. I miss my teammates also, heck even 'the musris'... gosh how shameful, and I was the one grumbling the most about how I'd quit and not return when she got back.
This summer (INSHALLA I won't get sick this time) I so plan to lose weight and by next year maybe you guys will read about my wedding :: grins ::..
Well that's for summer, which hasn't started yet, right now though I am seriously craving PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!!!!!!!
Time to search for some panadols..

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