Thursday, May 01, 2008

Taking Things for Granted

Sometimes little random things can have such a positive effect on their receiver. Yesterday I was up late trying to downsize and squash the word content of an argument essay to fit the very limited word limit of 400-450. I was exhausted and was seriously losing my mind - so much so that I actually took a break and decided to watch the new animated film "The Bee Movie". Just as I was returning to the dreadful job my fone went off (alerting for msg). I was half expecting it to be from a certain person who's become my daily msging buddy (LOL, K, I counted the incoming msgs from you alone one day: 17 =P, and if I answered for each one -which was probably very close- between us we must have cleared 30-something msgs! Etisalat should award us some sort of "loyalty benefits") anywayz I was admittedly surprised to find it was from a certain someone else. At 12am receiving a msg wishing you a great day is random as it can get but definitely sweet =) One of my friends commented that day at uni that I seemed to be in an extra good mood. (Yesterday was actually great until the afternoon.)

For whatever reasons I ended up not going to the funeral/3za on Monday. So I went yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - I still don't like them - but I did find the answer to my questions. I don't think I'll ever be able to say I am ready to cope with losing someone close but I can say that I understand how some are able to do it. I saw for myself that the best we are able to do in that situation is to remind ourselves that our loved one is with the Best One to protect them and keep them and that we should pray for His Mercy on them and to grant us the patience to bear the temporary separation (it is true that in reality it is only separation because in Jannah we will be united with them again inshalla). Sometimes it's hard to remember, but there is a hadith about patience at this time and the one who is patient Jannah becomes wajib for them. So I guess the wise thing to do would not be to pray to be the first to die (before the ones you love) but to pray that Allah gives you and them the patience to bear the separation no matter which of you die first and in the end how great it would be to have nothing (not even death) between you in the afterlife..

Ugh, I have to go meet with my "groupmates" now (I'll post about that later, they are certainly total mood killers)...

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