Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Perfect Response to an Imperfect Storm

So today the management presentations began..or rather I should say "the heat was turned on under every groups' bottoms.

The first group to present calls themselves "The Tornadoes" and I'd have to concede, true to their name, they really blew us away. Their presentation was on a case study about Symantec, the anti virus company. They turned their whole presentation into a 20 minute live play. I found it hilarious, as did most of the class, when in one of the scenes they had some sort of sparkling firecrackers. They were pretending to be viruses while another girl chased them around with a spray bottle of water labelled "anti-virus". Really creative. What followed though was what we found hilarious: The girl chased the other two girls out the classroom door with the sparklers still flaring (the sparks where harmless I assume, but they still gave off smoke) the smoke reached the fire detectors outside the classroom doors and set them off (come to think of it, I wonder why the sprinkler system didn't kick in and flood us all... alhamdilla though cuz our laptops and phones would have gotten all wet!)

In the end of The Tornadoes' presentation they gave out these cute boxes of chocolate (as if to smack us all in the faces and say "HA! Top that dears!")

Cute, yeah? The next presentation was presented by the M's Group (all four girls' names in that group begin with M) and was about how a home improvement company (like home depot or Ace Hardware) handled things after being hit by Hurricane Katrina. It was also well done. They made the presentation like an interview (in the style of Oprah or David Letterman's late night show). One girl took the role of the host, and the other played the manager of the Home improvement company. They also handed out chocolate (Galaxy) at the end of the presentation. The professor was really impressed. He said if he didn't know he was in UoS he would have thought he was watching presentations done by Harvard students.

And so it remains, those of us who have yet to present had best come up with something to at least rival the first two groups... [sighs]

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