Monday, September 10, 2007

The happiest moment

I was asked that question(what was the happiest moment in my life) by BW a few years ago but until now I haven't been able to answer. I couldn't remember ever experiencing such a moment. Yet not more than a few minutes ago I experienced a moment of pure joy.
I had been sitting in the Business College and a friend I met while working in the med college last summer came over to say "hi". I had my laptop out and was messing around with it trying to get connected to the wireless network at school. She asked what I was doing. I told her and she asked how come I didn't just take it to a lady in the communication college. I said I had no idea someone there could fix it. I had gone to the computer science college and tried to get one of the faculty members there to fix it for me. The guy didn't know how to do it and didn't wanna admit that he didn't know and instead fed me this line of bull crack... in the end he did nothing for me. It was the same when I took it to an assistant for the IT section. She at least tried really hard though, I'll give her that.
Anywayz my friend took me to the lady's office who could fix my laptop. I guess it was too earlier cuz her office was locked. My friend had a class so she said she couldn't stay. I was grateful just that she directed me where to go..even if I was a bit skeptical that my wireless would be fixed. In the end I found the lady in her office later on and she just took a few minutes and had my net up and running. I was really happy! After all last semester of that thing giving me a headache it was finally fixed. Praise the Lord =D


katheria said...

The happiest moment doesnt mean there werent happy moments tho!

El Hazard said...

I'm sure there were other really happy moments but for me the happiest moment is one that out shines the rest - in my memory that is =P
I think I'll start writing down happy moments no matter how big or small and keep it for the times when I'm in a crappy mood, I'm sure it'd cheer me up if I went back and remembered those moments and imagined I was re-living them..