Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Holy Month..

Well, the holy month is upon us once again. My feelings for it are mixed.. Every year I feel this mixture of joy, sadness and anxiety. Joy of course that it's here and if I see the end of it I *might* be forgiven my sins. Sadness over how many ramadans I've wasted or just simply didn't put enough effort into. Lastly I feel anxious. Will I waste this ramadan like I felt I did the previous one before it? Will I make the most use of it since it only comes once a year.. Will I see the end of it? Will I be forgiven? It's been a wish of mine for quite sometime and i've tried different approaches every ramadan to avoid that feeling on 3eed of regret, wishing that I had done more or knowing that I could have done more but was just lazy. I've always said every year that "I'm not ready for Ramadan" when it gets near, this year I'm trying hard not to think that. Instead with all my being I am hoping and praying to get through it with no regrets. Maybe I won't do anything spectacular or amazing but as long as I've satisfactorily completed this holy month in the eyes of Allah and he accepts it from me I believe I won't be plagued by the post-ramadan feelings of failure.

I wish you all a satisfying and successful Ramadan inshalla =D


Bookworm said...

Embarak 3leech elshahar - I hope you have a great ramadan =)

El Hazard said...

Thanx, I hope the same for you =)

katheria said...

Mabrook 3leach Rama'6an! :)