Saturday, September 08, 2007

Why the hell is the world so corrupt?

“In a shocking twist…” eh? I found nothing shocking about this. Funny thing is a few weeks ago one day when we were driving from AD, J.K. Rowlings came up in conversation while we were talking about another British lady that is now among the richest Brits. Some one asked what do they do with most of the money they have. I said save it. (least that’s what the other British lady said she was going to do with her ₤35,000,000) Mother put in that J.K Rowlings gives money to charities and such and donated a huge sum to some campaign (I don’t remember the name of it) for the missing British girl Madeline. One of my brothers didn’t know who Madeline was and asked. So mother told them about it. I was like please, it’s obvious that it’s just a stunt being pulled by two corrupt idiots of parents. I thought that they probably took the girl and hid her somewhere to this all off as a publicity stunt but it seems they are even more corrupt than I thought. Some one asked why the parents would do that. I told them like I just said obviously for the attention. Mother said they were pretty well off doctors so there wasn’t a reason for them to need money or attention. But I guess that just goes to show that some parents think nothing but how to attain fame and fortune (and more and more of it) and will do anything no matter how corrupt to reach their selfish goals.

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