Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cupcakes anyone?

I have alot of time to kill at the moment.. I don't have a class till 11:00. It's really boring using the net when no one is online!
Check out this blog, it's really interesting in a cupcake sorta way lol.
Yesterday I unexpectedly found myself with the car and the sudden urge to play PS2. So at 9:00pm I stopped off at Baskin Robin, picked up some sherbert for my friend and drove out to her house (she lives out past shj uni across from the horse club, I'd say 3 or 4 miles from the Ladies Club where I was) I took the airport road (which is really more like a highway) and was really surprised to see they finally realized that the "written" speed limit should be 120 kph (140 is the max you can now do when the limit is 120 without getting a ticket) on that road. Of course that one lone sign only appears after interchange 5 so technically the speed for the rest of the road before that is 100 (means u can do 120 without getting a ticket).
The lights were off in most of her house and her room was completely dark except for the light coming from the TV. It was really relaxing playing PS in the dark. She has tons of games and though there was already something in the PS (when I walked in the room the game intro was playing) I couldn't decide what to play. In the end I asked her what was the game that was playing. She said it was Kingdom Hearts (or is it Heart, no "s"?). I think she said it's a disney meets Final Fantasy game. It looked interesting so I played. Unfortunately I didn't have much time to stay cuz I knew it wouldn't be long before mother would start calling and I couldn't exactly say I was there cuz mother would have 10 cows and a goat if she knew.
My friend has this really cute cat. I remember when she found it last semester and called me over from uni to see it. I have pics of it when it was a kitten..actually it still is a kitten just bigger than when I first saw it. I also snapped some pics of it last night. I'll upload them when I go home inshalla.
I guess maybe I can take this time to do my IT homework....


Bookworm said...

Ah..sorry I wasn't online earlier, was out. And then I guess you got disconnected or something when we were chatting..

Kingdom, I actually KNOW that game, hehe (Kath told me about it). My brothers play it but I never really tried.

...very interesting 'translation' of speed limts Elhazardo..

El Hazard said...

Don't worry about earlier, it's ok. We got to say "hi" at least =)

Kingdom Hearts was fun even though I only played it for a bit.

Translation eh? Something like that is common knowledge there for translation would be unnecessary -except for in some cases like someone outside of UAE, ask ur bro I'm sure he knows =P