Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bless the one who came up with elevators..

This semester is looking brighter each day. I’ve finally decided to stop running away from things I find difficult and instead to approach them with an open mind (and breath held XD) and pray I don’t humiliate myself. I’m curious to see what would happen if I were to work hard and keep positive thoughts about my courses this semester.. Would I definitely do better than last semester? Would it be enough to get A’s? I really hope so…

I was late registering (as I usually am for everything, it has totally become my “unwanted” trademark) and had trouble finding open courses this semester. In the end of my first round I had four courses. Extensive Reading, Advanced Language Skills, Intro. to IT and Arabic II (Normal Arabic. After taking special Arabic 1 last semester I’d rather contend with Arabic for natives rather than suffer another special Arabic course.. If I stayed in special Arabic any longer I could see myself hating Arabic altogether.) I was very unhappy with only four courses. I had decided back in the summer that this semester I’d definitely buck up and register for at least 6 courses – though I was planning to try for 7 courses. It was the last day of Add and Drop period when one of my mates came around with her course schedule and showed me a course called Intro. to Management Information Systems (MIS). The more I found out about it the more I wanted to add that course – and not just cuz that would’ve brought my courses to 5 either.

Then it suddenly hit me. A major in MIS sounded really interesting. I spent the rest of my day at uni reading up on the major. The only thing that was dampening my urge to enter that major was a few of the “Math” courses. I felt pretty depressed that there are so many math courses in MIS. I still registered for the intro class though, I needed a fifth course.

By the time classes started and I found myself sitting in the intro to MIS class I had semi talked myself into just going ahead and changing my major to MIS and worry about the math courses when they come up and bite me. I really enjoyed the class. It was one of those classes that you don’t feel time go by and you just crave more of it. It shouldn’t be surprising that by the time I walked out the classroom doors I had decided I’d do whatever it takes to do well in that major, math or no math. After days of thought (optimistic thoughts of course =P) I decided anyone –even someone like me- could master anything if given enough time, practice and effort. Since it was too late for me to change to MIS this semester, I plan to collect the math books and study them from now. This way when I do change to MIS inshalla I’ll at least have an idea where to aim and won’t be completely in the dark.
After my second lesson of MIS I was called to the administration building. Once I got there one of the course registration ladies told me I had to drop MIS. I have a habit (sometimes I wonder if it’s good or bad…) of just going along with things and not asking questions. I was completely struck when she told me I had to drop the course. I had to know why and if there was anyway to avoid having to do so. She said I hadn’t taken Intro to IT and the MIS course requires IT to be taken before the MIS course. I asked if I could replace MIS with another course even though it was after the add and drop period but this dropping would be their fault after all. The lady was nice. She said yes, if I found something I wanted to take instead I could add it but I had to do it that day. Took me an hour or so but I managed to find two courses among the free electives of the English Major study plan that looked interesting.. AND they’d actually be a help when and if I change to MIS inshalla. I was very pleased to find out they are in fact among the core courses of MIS. The two courses were: Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing. I was a bit skeptical that she’d let me add two things for the one course I was dropping but it never hurts to try. She added both for me though alhamdilla. So now I have six courses, finally. I’m happy for now – and even though a few annoying things have popped up in some of those courses I’m going to force myself to remain positive about them even if I have to lie to myself till those lies become truth!


Bookworm said...


It's great they let you add two courses (it's their fault after all).

Wish ya all the best this sem - I'm glad you're enjoying your MIS courses =)

El Hazard said...

Thanx =)