Thursday, September 20, 2007

Be Careful How U Treat Others...

Cuz you never know how it might come back to you… even though it’s been a year since the traumatizing days of working in Al Mawahib Private School I still think about it sometimes. Although I got the ministry out on them and managed to royally piss off Her Highness Um Khadija (or Beverly as she is known to some) – the principal there (remember there are two principals in that school.. Um Khadija who I called MS for Mother Supreme and her husband Malood who I called LG for Lord Gracious) it was pretty funny even though I still wasn’t satisfied. It seriously angers me how they rip parents off over there and get away with telling the lies they tell. I was hoping for the school to crumble. It’s doing so, but not fast enough!
Anywayz, today while waiting in the copy store at uni I got a call from mother. She said one of the boys’ from Mawahib mother called her (my mother had taught the boy in 2nd grade at MPS and I taught him in 3rd grade when I was there) and told her something amusing. This boy is kinda cute but constantly has to have some noise emitting from him while working. Only once in a while could I get him to work quietly for a few minutes of the lesson (I wouldn’t have minded cuz the noise was usually just singing or humming but sometimes it’d really annoy his desk mates). Mother Supreme has managed to piss off/ fire all the English teachers that were there in MPS so now she has none (lol word must have certainly traveled about MS’s notoriety for being one of the most ridiculous principals.. afon allah I don’t think the lady has “mercy” in her vocab. So of course no new English teachers are applying) She has to teach the English classes for all or most of the grades now from 1st to 7th or 6th. Anywayz it seems during yesterday’s class with the 4th graders she wrongfully accused this boy (his name is Omar) of talking during class. This time he claims to be innocent but she was adamant about punishing him. So she sends him home saying he has to write out a punishment lesson (awina! she must think she’s back in UK) in which he has to write “I will not talk in class” 200 times. The boy was really upset about it. He and another boy from his class got that punishment and when he got home he told his mother to deliver this message to Um Khadija: Tell her Omar said he doesn’t like her or her husband at all and he’s not afraid of them. I wasn’t talking in class and she won’t believe me, that’s ok, for every time I had to write it I made dua that she suddenly would die of a heart attack and each time I said it my friends said ameen!

Can you guys imagine? Not only a little boy (he’s only 9 at the most..) but being wrongfully accused so oppressed y3ni and all his little boy friends saying ameen to his dua’s in RAMADAN no less… Heck I’d be scared witless if I were Um Khadija – but then again if I were her I’d be a lot more compassionate about others than she is. She called it on herself though and she has no one else to blame. Omar’s mother said she wouldn’t tell Um Khadija about that but instead was going to tell the owner’s wife (she’s been trying to tell them how corrupt those principals are but they just don’t listen… not like that’d make much difference though cuz the owner is pretty *ahem* it’s the holy month so I won’t go into that…) At any rate you get what you give and that should be a lesson to folks to be careful how they treat others less they find that person making dua against them and it get accepted!


Anonymous said...

as-salaamu 'aleikum

Gheebah (backbiting, gossip) means that a person mentions the faults of his Muslim brother in his absence, which he would not like if he heard about it, when there is no need to mention them.

“… neither backbite one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allaah. Verily, Allaah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful”

[al-Hujuraat 49:12]

One of the worse types of gheebah and one which is most emphatically forbidden it to look down upon a Muslim and do one’s utmost to insult him, show disrespect towards him and cast aspersions upon his honour. This is a blameworthy characteristic and a serious malady; it is one of the major sins and the one who does this is subject to the warning and a severe punishment.

El Hazard said...

Hm, thanx for the reminder.