Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ramadan Mubarak Everybody!

That's what my friend said when I was telling her what went down today, she said she had heard the screams and her whole class ran out to see what was going on but she couldn't make it outside... This is what I told her: On this holy day in this holy month you will not believe what I saw today. I stepped out of one of the buildings on uni campus with my friend and there were four local girls coming in our direction from the right. They were talking pretty loudly and we initially thought they were arguing. Suddenly one of the thinner girls (I’ll call her girl #1) says something and a bigger girl (girl #2) from that group pushes her. Girl 1 got mad and came at the girl 2. She started to try and push girl 2 but girl 2 grabbed her by the bangs she had coming out of her shayla (dragged that shayla off in the process) and pushed her away knocking her things all over the floor (pencil case full of pens and books and junk went flying all over) Girl 1 fell down on all fours and started screaming this high pitched scream that I thought would break out all the windows. I didn’t think she’d get up but she did. Screamed “BAKA!” and ran at girl 2 again. Girl 2 took her punched her up a bit they exchanged some slaps. Girl 1 dragged at girl 2’s shayla and ripped at her hair. In the end she ended up on the floor again. By that time there were swarms of girls that poured out of the surrounding college buildings. The two girls were still going at it passionately. I felt a little bad for the other two girls that were with them cuz they were trying to pull their friends apart but neither wanted to be stopped (my friend asked me why didn’t I try and stop the fight since I wasn’t that far from them. To tell the truth I wasn’t much interested in getting punched, scratched or bitten by girl 1 who was going after girl 2 screaming and carrying on like a crazy jinnia.. and then too the last thing I would need was for someone to mistakenly think I had something to do with that fight and I end up getting a share of whatever those two were getting) Some male professors ran up and attempted to verbally stop the fight. They weren’t very effective since girl 1 was beyond hearing. The professors asked some girls to step in and break up the fight but I guess after witnessing girl 1’s insanity they wanted no parts. The amount of girls and professors that had gathered continued to grow. Finally after what seemed like forever (it was probably only 10mins) a female security guard came out. Wahlaylha she wasn’t even one of the big ones and couldn’t hold girl 1 down. Even after she pinned girl 1, girl 1 still managed to break loose and get a punch off on girl 2 to which girl 2 returned the punch with interest. My friend who was closer to the action than I was said girl 1 was all bloody in the mouth. By that time the crowd of students and professors was huge I could no longer see the two girls anymore so I decided it was time to get to my class – which I was by then 10 mins late for. My class was all the way on the other side of the campus but already there were girls in groups talking vividly about the fight that had just taken place and was still in progress ba3d. I heard from a friend that they had to bring in the major guards from the main building to put an end to that madness. By the end of the day there were at least 2 different versions of the fight that I heard from other people. In one of the versions it was all four of the girls who were fighting – that was completely wrong cuz the other 2 girls were clearly trying to pull their enraged friends apart. It was a bit amusing considering as I watched the crowd get bigger I imagined that each person would go and tell someone and then that someone would go tell someone else with added spice to the story and by the time it went through 4 sets of girls the story would be something way more than what it had actually been – frankly I’m surprised I haven’t heard the version where one girl pulls a knife and stabs the other one or something else drastic.

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