Sunday, September 23, 2007

Principals of Management..

Companies and Corporations are just like families. Families - like companies – come in to existence through the mutual agreement (ok sometimes marriages are forced, arranged or done to better one of the parties involved but the same goes for some businesses) of the involved parties. Some companies may invest heavily in preparations such as educating themselves in the field of business they plan to specialize in (Who the spouse will be), whom they’re perspective business partners will be (What’s the spouse’s family like), where they’ll set up business (where they will live, or build/rent a house)….. The list of similarities goes on and on. The realization of how similar they are never came to mind until the professor of my management course pointed it out as an example one class. He said in order for a company to be successful and run smoothly certain conditions must be met. The management should manage efficiently and effectively by ethical means. Be honest and take responsibility for employees under them. Their dealings with the employees should be fair and untainted by favoritism and special treatment of some employees to the exclusion of others all of whom are on the same level. The management can’t expect to spoil a select few of the employees with unearned favors and special treatment and then they’ll carry on working as they should and being loyal to the company. Those select few will grow arrogant and expect such treatment and will not see the need to contribute to the betterment or welfare of the company because they no longer have anything to gain – they have all what can be gained or attained through the favoritism and special treatment. They will find that they can slack off and do things which would be frowned upon as set backs to the company because they no longer need to perform to gain and there will be no consequences to them due to the special treatment. When such treatment ceases, those select few will no longer give a damn about the company or its interests. By this time the remaining employees that weren’t shown equality or acknowledged will be fed up – with due right – and will abandon the company for a better offer or to start a new company of their own learning from their previous experience and strive to first build a solid management and system.

Somehow this all seems to make perfect sense to me. Unfortunately for the world and all who have to deal with such stupidity of other individuals there are thousands, millions of people that can’t seem to understand that concept whether referring to business and companies or corporations and families.

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