Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Longest Moment

Look over shoulder and check for on coming cars, a few are coming – but I can make it… accelerate, more.. more.. car number 1: gray Honda civic gaining, accelerate.. more.. more *beep beep beep beep* needle passes 120 mark. Slow down, this is a 100 kph highway, 20 over is the “grace limit”. Check mirror.. Honda Civic yields to black tinted Lexus LS 400.. Lexus coming fast.. not in the mood to play with his mind, yield. *Yawn*. Call sister and tell her be ready to go to the ladies club. Get off phone, *yaaawn*. Check time 4:47pm. Went to bed today at 4:00am, woke at 5:00am. *Yawn* Be there in 10 mins I told her, come in 15 she pleaded. Pass Sharjah airport, Is it going to take just 15 mins to reach home from here? Needle moves down to just barely touching 100. accelerate. So many things to do back home, can’t waste all my time on the road – accelerate… needle pushes past 120 *beep beep beep beep* whatever, reach over and turn up Al Khalayeg, start singing along.

ياليت كل الخلايق مابهم حساد ..........ياليت كل المشاعر صادقة بالناس

*Yawn* continue singing, time will fly…

ياليت نملك قلوب ما بها أحقاد.... ياليت نقدر نسامح غيرنا لو زل

Last interchange before I get off…

تكفون خلونا نمشي دربها ياناس... والفرحه نرجي من الله دوم نحصدها

*Yawn* When did I memorize this song? Here’s my exit.. Al Jabari and his background singers repeat the last line of the nasheed. Get over…*Exhale*…ah, the a/c feels good..*blink*.. darkness, silence - calmness… moments pass, I want to stay like this just for a bit more.. no something isn’t right,… SHEEMOTA, I was DRIVING and it’s not even a straight drive the exit was a curved bend.. WAKE..UP!

It was probably only a moment or so that my eyes were closed but I really felt like it was longer and that I had sunken deep into sleep, thought I’d wake up and find the car already totaled or worse.. Either way if I wasn’t already dead, mother would definitely not let me hear the end of it since I had insisted I needed to go get brochures from the Horse Riding Club for my speech tomorrow. Sheesh, that was down right scary, especially given the reoccurring day-mare I’ve been having of a vampire sucking all my blood away and all the news articles loaded with deaths and obituaries..

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