Friday, May 11, 2007


::sighs:: I'm bored to tears T_T ... I want to write but "it's" just not there. I tried writing a poem for my friend's graduation - so not pleased with it...

Maybe I just need to stop wasting time and go study for my finals like a normal person..
Have a look at what happens when one forces themself to write:
[Graduation Day]

Is this not a day worthy of celebrating?

Four years of watching others reach this great day
Four years of memories, your personal play

Four years of good and bad times
Four years of stressful and carefree times

Four years of priceless memories
The Laughter of a ‘mate
Or the anxiety of a results wait

Four years and how much have you faced?
Four years, this day is proof, graced

Four years, no emotion spared
Disappointments occasional, Failure feared

Is this not a day worthy of celebrating?
A day to remember, a day of merry making

Celebrate this day with pride, joy and relief

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