Friday, May 04, 2007


Since 6 am I’ve been trying to come up with a topic to turn into my Speech Comm presentation for the final exam. For all that trying I’ve come up with ZILCH. Well sure I *had* two perfectly good topics: Kyoto Japan as an informative speech or Marilena the Wicked as a persuasive speech. I’ve scrapped both. The last time I gave a speech even though I thought the topic was deeply interesting it came out really crappy and my mates had boredom written all over their faces. It was really embarrassing and I definitely don’t want a repeat of that – especially not with a final grade at stake.

Extreme Sports as an informative speech came to mind.. I’m not so sure of it though. A few minutes ago The Origin of the English Language also as an informative speech came to mind. I’m not sure either of those would do. I wish I could talk about Nasheeds – I get the feeling though they’d be more bored with that topic than they’ve ever been the whole semester…



Bookworm said...


El7mdilla 3ala Elsalameh!

Bookworm said...

Oh great. I posted the comment in the wrong place. It was supposed to be for the 'The longest Moment'

El Hazard said...

Allah yaselmich.

No worries about wrong place, it happens ;)