Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekends must be CELEBRATED

This feels good…

My room was feeling pretty hot and stuffy (it’s waiting for the weekend when I might decide to give it a half-cleaning) on top of this day seeming too long. It’s only 9:40 pm but I feel like I need some serious sleep.. Really can’t sleep when I’m hot, I wake up in a very BAD mood. I could have gone downstairs and sat in the living room (or probably just done what I should of done all last summer and the months that past till now – which was nag the ones “in charge” to either fix my broken a/c or get me a new one… *sighs* it’s easier said than done believe me!) a thought came to mind and I decided to do something spontaneous instead =P

I’m sitting on the roof of my house typing this post under the half moon and few stars. It’s not as cool as it could be but it sure is a heck of a lot airier than my room- and of course no clutter or junk laying around.

I’m glad tomorrow is Thursday, means the last day of the week and I sure am looking forward to the weekend. I intend to use 90% of it sleeping (what a glorious thought!).

I think I’ll go play a round of monopoly with dog and french-fries (the names of the game pieces the computer plays with against me).

Ciasso =)


katheria said...

Do you have a monopoly PC game? Or the actual board game?

My 6 year old brother beat me in monopoly... when he told my mother she thought I "let him win". I should have kept the pretence to save myself some shame, eh? xD

El Hazard said...

It's a PC game I downloaded. It's loads of fun. I'll upload it when I get home inshalla.