Thursday, April 26, 2007


As promised I uploaded the computer game version of monopoly. This one is called Monopoly Here and Now, I think it's the latest version.
I have very fond memories of that game. I remember when I was younger like 7 or 8 my older sister used to try and play it with me. I found it to be a supremely boring game, didn't understand the point of it. Then when I was 11 one of my cousins had a Computer Monopoly game. We used to play it alot. I don't remember ever winning though - even though I don't remember losing either.
Before we moved here to UAE, mother brought a few board games for us. One of them was Monopoly. A couple of months after we moved another one of my cousins came over. She taught me all of the basic rules of monopoly. We didn't have any friends here and nothing to do but sit in the house and play game after game of monopoly. We used to have marathon games from like 11 in the morning till 7 sometimes 10 at night. Haha, every single time with out fail she beat the living hell outta me at that game. Once we had gotten into trouble - we were really deep down there in trouble cuz we weren't even supposed to speak or associate with one another (parents can really come up with some stupid stuff..) we were going through monopoly withdrawal. One day we decided we were GOING to play ghsban anhum and we arranged to play after they all (the parents) went to sleep. It was way after midnight closer to 1 am. The moon was beautifully full. We grabbed the monopoly game and set it up on the roof. It was the most fun we had ever had playing - and - I was actually winning... until I drew the pay that ridiculous amount for every house and hotel u own card. My back was to the roof door so as I was showing my demise (cuz that was going to make me go bankrupt and of course that meant I'd lose) to her I saw her staring open mouthed in shock. Took me a bit to realize she wasn't gaping at my card, I turned to find her mother standing at in the doorway of the roof...
We laughed about that one for a long time. Those were good days =)
BTW Kath: If ya play that monopoly game against the computer watch out for "dog" lol that piece plays dirty - especially when u play against more than one piece (it's alot more fun if u play against two computer oponents). This game also has the option to play against other real oponents - like if ur bro wants to play with u, u just add another player and select Human I think.. I know if u want a computer oponent u just leave it set to A.I. (artificial intelligence?). I think one of the best parts about computerized monopoly is that the computer takes care of the bank - I hated it anytime I got stuck being the banker.
Also my friend gave me this site Atari Games. She said you can play against ppl online. I haven't tried it yet, maybe this weekend in that 10% that I'll be spending awake I'll give it a try =P


katheria said...

The thing is not letting me download monopoly =(

El Hazard said...

I'll put it on a CD and give it to BW to give to u tomorrow inshalla.

El Hazard said...

You might just have to try again a bit later though.. I just tried it and it worked.

No worries if it doesn't work though, I'll still send it with BW inshalla.