Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Islamic Culture

I used to like Islamic classes. When I found out it was one of the university requirements I felt happy that we got such an easy requirement instead of some nightmare of a math course. Ha ha HA.. It seems that guy’s definition of Islamic Culture and my definition (which I ain’t ashamed to believe must be the same definition that most other normal people would believe it means.) are two entirely different definitions. I spend the morning pumping myself up and mentally preparing to keep my eyes and ears open for the duration of his 40 min class and no matter how prepared I am, 10 mins of his running conspiracy theories and I’m out like a log. Sometimes I have pleasant dreams and wake up when I feel his eyes on me, other times I dream of tennis and suddenly a ball bounces in a direction I wasn’t expecting and then I jerk to change my position and get to it in time only to realize I not only jerked in my dream but in reality as well. So then I have the girls on both sides of me looking at me like I’m crazy.

When His Highness Shleibak (Mr. Islamic Culture) isn’t riding one of his conspiracy theories he’s repeating some story for the hundred and tenth time. Each time he tells it he acts as if it’s the first time he’s telling us. It’s really getting annoying and I shouldn’t even get into his exams – the results give you nightmares. (I studied a whole damn week and a half just for one of his exams and still got a shining crap mark below the failing mark – wonderful reward for busting ur tail studying huh?)

His Highness isn’t satisfied with your answers unless u write nearly a novel for each answer – unless you’re a med student, in which case regardless of the crap you write on the paper you can be assured you’re getting the highest mark. It’s annoying as hell. If an answer is right who the hell cares whether u busted your hand writing an essay to answer a question that could just as easily be answered in a 3-word sentence??? And as if all of that sheemot ain’t enough he marks up everyone’s paper has ¾’s of the class failing or dangerously close to the failing mark and doesn’t even bother to go over the questions and give us the correct answers so we have some vague idea as to what and how His Highness wants us to answer…

I guess in the end all of that doesn’t make a difference, either you’re preordained lucky by being a med student or gifted with the patience to write essay long answers for each of his questions which in my humble opinion doesn’t make a damn difference cuz in the end Mr. Islamic Culture is some where stuck in first year ESL.

I guess I’ll just have to carry the shame of settling for a C or D in that subject.

And thanx to his class I can forget about having an overall good GPA.

Smile EL Hazard; Sh!t happens.


katheria said...

That reminds me of my early database classes this semester. The classes definately have more life now - now that we're over all the "theory" and are doing lab practices most of the time.

I remember that no matter what I did to stay awake, and how I prepared myself to pay attention in his class, as soon as he came in and started talking I would feel my brain going numb and my eyelids getting heavy. There was this one time that I decided I'll write everything he says, maybe keeping myself busy will keep me awake (and 99% of the time I'm a note-taker - I just never think to do that in his class because I'm half asleep!)... but guess what my notes looked like.

Just guess.

Jibberish lines. I kid you not.

I guess I have the ability to sleep-write.

El Hazard said...

I guess that means that no matter what Uni/course one can always end up in a really boring class..

Sleep-writing lol, I fall asleep quite often infront of my computer and sometimes right in the middle of a chatting conversation with my friends. Once I fell asleep (dozed off for a few minutes) and when I woke up I found I had started transcribing the dream I was having.