Thursday, April 26, 2007

Useful tip

Lately Blogger has been acting pretty retarded whenever I go to post a comment on other blogs.. heck it even happens when I go to post a reply here on my own blog. I get a comment all typed up and hit the publish button and suddenly a "Page Cannot Be Found" error page comes up and when I hit "back" my comment has disappeared. Usually I get frustrated and just give up. The other day the idea occured to me to highlight my comment, copy it and then hit publish. Most times that error page still comes up but then I just hit the back button and paste my comment back in the box and hit "publish" again and it works.
Just thought I might share that with u guys, nothing more annoying then seeing that error page after u done finished a comment.


Bookworm said...

lol, I do the same thing too, happens with posts as well.

Thanks for the tip tho ;)

katheria said...

It happens to me too. I refresh when I get the "page cannot be found" thing, and usually it works.