Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Does Boredom = Ungrateful?

Today I did something that I never in a million years thought I’d do, actually I had given it a bit of thought before but near died from the imagined embarrassment.
I brown bagged my lunch today.

When I had thought about it before the first thing that came to mind was NEVER. Yesterday night I had a look in my wallet after paying for tennis and found 50 fils. *Crap, that’s not even enough to buy something out of the snack machine!* I sucked in my pride and decided that it was either going to be brown bagged or I’d starve till I got back home. I got a really bad headache just yesterday cuz I skipped breakfast and decided to just have lunch so brown bagging today’s it would have to be. I can honestly say I lived through it. Probably will do it again tomorrow and the day after and all of next week….

This week has been supremely boring, the highest point so far has been in Arabic class yesterday when I walked in to the empty classroom and found some one had pulled a Down-with-the-discriminating-wall move on the partition that is usually in the middle separating the guys and us girls.

Nobody was there yet so I got to choose any seat. Of course I didn’t wanna be anywhere near those creatures of the foreign race so I chose the farthest seat from where their seats started. A guy came in gawking and sat at the opposite end. Then two girls came in (second rate flirts) they seemed pleased that the partition was gone and took the closest seats to the guys (uh oh.. flirt show would be pissed, and opportunity like this and here were these two second raters grabbing up the best seats…) another guy came in gawking and finally the teacher came in. His reaction to the wall being gone didn’t seem that serious compared to his reaction to the main lights not working (they actually were working but the old man never thought to try another switch.) He tried opening the shades but they were like half broke or something cuz the pull strings were not opening them. He near dragged the things down before he stomped out. He brought in one of the security guards and suddenly started going on and on about how wrong it was for us to proceed without a partition.. As if he gave a flying rat’s eye! He endorses the flirt show and now awina it’s such a taboo that we should be carrying on with out the “Great Wall” ?! Give me a break! The dude probably didn’t bother marking our exams and it was probably evaluation day (meaning we rate the class and the teacher) and it was in his best interest not to have us present when the lady with the evaluation papers walked in to hand them out to us.. needless to say he dismissed us and refused to give class yesterday. Sneaky old geezer.

During this “supremely boring” week the thought keeps coming to my mind: I think I have screwed up royally.

Yeah I’m inclined to agree with the thought. For one; why the hell did I go and slam dunk myself in such a boring major – English Language Literature Translation blah blah blah??? Until like last year I’ve always thought of English Majors as nerdy ppl but yet I go and choose it. Sure there isn’t a single math course in it but is that a good thing? Just run away and hide in English because I’m too cowardly to face a couple of math courses? It didn’t help matters much when I was looking at what “English Majors” could do with their BA after school (aside from that fact, they virtually don’t get offered jobs while they are still in college). In a way the university is almost like what I expected but something just seems to be lacking. I wish to God they had tennis like the university brochures had said. In the end I guess it’s my own stupid fault for choosing the university first for “thinking” it had tennis and then just looking for any major I figured I could adapt to. Baka, baka , baka!

*sighs* I’m almost impatient for the summer break.. I think I need a job also, this boredom is abnormal.

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