Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ibtasm 2007

I have a thought on my mind..and as the pic says "smile", I'm smiling - even if it is an inward smile.

I shouldn't even be blogging at the moment.. I was placed on a three-person group project that requires ALL of the members to be gathering info for the topic and then JOINTLY writing it in an orderly manner to be presented on the due date.. Sounds easy enough right? WRONG.. What is supposed to be getting done as a GROUP is only getting done by (((ONE))) El Hazard. I got stuck with two Med-students who pounced all over the honor of choosing the topic and then shoved off all the work on me (I have no idea how that happened - but I am guessing it's the price freshmen must pay when they are too trusting of their senpais, get duped with their eyes wide open - or maybe they weren't exactly *wide open* cuz I'm usually sleeping in that class - and don't protest.. ::sighs::) in the end I guess I've "learnt" my lesson: I work alone from here on out.

On another note: I'm looking forward to the up coming tennis tournament =)

Time to go back to slaving for the senpais....

Oh I nearly forgot to post the link I had started this post with the intention of sharing with u guys =S

It's a full demo clip of Ibtasm 2007 (Uwacini 2) I have fallen madly in love with the clip that starts at 4:15 ::hearts spilling out of both ears::

Enjoy ^_^

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