Saturday, March 31, 2007

Latest uploads 31.3.07

It really has been a while since I've listened to any nasheeds. I miss the tape store! It has been so long since I've last been there that I can't even remember when it was..
Anywayz, I uploaded a few new ones (and some old ones) for you guys... Enjoy.
Awfa Alrjal ( أوفى الرجـال )
From December of last year done for the UAE national day by an Emirati Nasheed band.
With duff (or drums in english =P )
Ya Emarati (يا إماراتي )
Brand new - just came out this week - It's the first I'm hearing of the singer (munshid) Salem Al Turifi. The nasheed is nice though...
Genakom (جيناكـم)
Earlier I had posted a clip from the new tape Ibtasm 2007 (Uwacini 2) by the Al Jabari brothers. It came out here in UAE this week during the Abu Dhabi Book fair - I wish I could go to the tape store :'( ...
Anywayz uploaded the full version of that song and it apparently has three versions, one they call 'Full' (eqaa3) one they call 'Harmoni' (background sounds but no duff or eqaa3) and 'Chorus' (which sounds to me exactly like the harmoni version but i'll upload it anyway).
Bonaiitee ( بُـنــيّــتـــــي ) - By Ahmad Al Hajeri from Mehrajan Kuwait 7.
Khaleq Al Akwan (خالق الأكوان) - Ancient by nasheed standards from the tape Ela Roohi (2005 if I recall correctly) by Fahad Al Kibaysi.

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