Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Price of Addiction

I’m glad this round of exams is finally over.. I feel I need to go and throw up all of the diet coke and Lays salt & vinegar chips I consumed all this week during study time.

Back when I was going to MPS I usually would stop on my way and buy a bag or two of those same salt & vinegar chips. They quickly turned into an addiction. I’d usually have no less than two bags a day. I thought BW’s equating them to dried oil was funny in a way, I never saw the chips like that. One morning I brought them and had opened them preparing to eat when I took a sniff (yeah I know that sounds kinda animal-ish but it’s a habit I have of smelling food sometimes before I eat it – I do it more if it’s something I have never had before.) the smell really turned me off. I was holding the chip and looking at it and it suddenly looked extra greasy to the point where it was like transparent and shining. *Ugh* Needless to say I couldn’t eat them after that. Instead I switched to the French Cheese Lays (LOL as if!) they looked better than the vinegar ones. They at least weren’t gleaming from the oil. Finally I just stopped eating them all together.

A couple of weeks back I started eating them again. For some reason they didn’t smell ‘greasy’ anymore and the vinegar tasted really good. I ate them off and on that week. My stomach grumbled. I ignored it, I thought it was just hurting to be hurting.. It does that sometimes. Then one day during the weekend I had a meat sandwich (one of those fatayar things) a bag of those lays – or maybe it was two bags – and a diet coke. Not even an hour later I was doubled over from the pain in my stomach. I thought maybe the meat sandwich might have been the culprit. Actually I was almost sure it was, never for a moment suspected those chips.

I hadn’t bought any chips till this week when exams started. I suddenly had a taste for coffee again (really fell outta touch with my former fave drink since the time I had to abstain from it last summer.. I was down to like a cup once a month.) I figured it was perfectly ok to go and indulge since I didn’t think I was anemic any more. Ha ha HA. I ordered the best cup I ever remember tasting from the 1st Avenue Café we have there at school. It was a Caramel Macchiato. (now that I think about it it’s an ESPRESSO coffee with flavor and a fancy name.) As soon as I took a sip my head felt funny. I finished it and went to wait for the bus to go home. I felt light headed the whole short walk to the bus and as soon as I got on the bus I slept like a log. I was afraid I’d miss my stop for sure and even dreamt that I missed it. (lucky for me I kinda woke a bit before my stop and then fought off the strong screaming urge to drift back to sleep.)

Don’t u know the very next day EL-stupid-Hazard absent mindedly went and ordered the LARGE version of the same Macchiato! I mentally kicked myself when I realized midway through that I was drinking coffee again after the day before. I had hell for the rest of the day. I was in the store that evening and while I was waiting in line I suddenly felt so dizzy. I was sure I was going to fall. I stood near the wall and closed my eyes (can u guys just imagine the embarrassment?! I’d never be able to go to the Co-op again had I fainted in there – and it was my favorite co-op.) Ok so that means either I’m still anemic and just imagined I was all better or coffee has decided to hold a grudge against moi for deserting it for so long…

At any rate I drank diet coke more often than coffee now so I’d just stick with that I thought. During exam time a diet coke 3-4 times a week became at least 3 times per day starting with one at breakfast while I’d study at the last minute in the cafeteria. You know, I’m only now seeing that that was really bad – and it’s not because I wanna puke out this week’s worth of diet coke and chips! I had those vinegar chips a couple of times this week even though it wasn’t as much as the coke. This weekend I decided to continue with those vinegar chips. I woke up Friday morning craving them. By Friday night my stomach was killing me like that time before when I had that sandwich. This morning was when it finally dawned on me that it was those damn chips that have been hurting my stomach. I still had diet coke today with a croissant – bad idea. I hope this wanting to puke feeling goes away by tomorrow. I sure don’t think I wanna sit through Islamic Culture with this feeling.

One good thing has come from all of this though:


I’ll go healthy this week so the effects of all that garbage will wear off…

I wanna drink Macchiatoooooooooooo!


Bookworm said...

So no caffiene for you young lady! I hope you're still taking your meds...

Hope you feel better, it sux when stomachs groan like that. Try some herbal tea.

El Hazard said...

Ha, first I'll have to issue a room-wide search for those things, I seriously can't remember the last time I took them and I definitely have no idea where they are..

I'm beginning to wonder if they really work though if I'm still anemic to the point where I can't even tolerate a cup or two of coffee. I vaguely remember reading that there are some forms of anemia that don't go away even with medications and things, one just has to live with it.

As for my stomach it feels better but still grumbles and groans as if it's empty -even after I've just eaten- it usually chooses to do that in class when some one is sitting next to me or the room is momentarily quiet, very e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-i-n-g!