Thursday, April 05, 2007


I don’t know what was up with that feeling last night.. maybe it was just the result of exhaustion and stress.

As for the tournament – I lost.. I really shouldn’t be surprised. Pissed with myself for losing to that lady. The first set she started off with a 5- love lead. I thought I was doomed then. The next game was deep. She was leading 40-love (for those of u unfamiliar with tennis, love means zero and the scoring is 15, 30, 40…if one player reaches 40 before the other player than their next point wins them that game. – we play till one of the players reach 6 games – if both players are tied at 40 than it’s called Deuce, one of the players has to score twice in a row to take the game.) her next point would have meant she got the game and set. That’s when I suddenly started scoring. I scored till we were tied 5-5 then I went on to win the next game so we were 5- 6. Here because she had 5 we had to play another game if she won then we would be tied 6- 6 but if I won that was the end and I’d win the set. I did win. The final was 7-6. First set was in my bag. I just needed one more set. Lady said she wanted to get water. I hate breaks. Once I find my groove if I break I loose it. Lady took her time getting her water and I tried brisk walking and doing the ball exercises. We resumed. She one the next set 6- 1. The last set I tried to stay calm. And I think I succeeded, every game we played went to deuce. In the end the deciding factor was I lost my groove and was just plain tired. – not that I gave up or anything. I ran that lady all over the court. She admitted after the game that the coach said I’m a difficult player.. That would be a nice thought if I actually was winning at the end of being a difficult player. Seems in the end I am just myself – only good at scaring ppl. Blah. The frustrating thing about this is that I know what I need to improve but not sure how to go about doing that. My serve totally sucks. I have no net skills. Need speed. Yi.. The final score was 6-7, 6-1, 6-1 (3 sets, 26 games altogether.. which means I lost 17 – 9. Slaughtered and skinned but just shy of being bbq-ed.) I’m not so sure I want to participate in the next tournament. I am curious as to who will be our opponents on Friday for the doubles match. I wonder if they are experienced doubles players..

I’m thoroughly exhausted and not cuz I just got my rear-end kicked either…


katheria said...

Sorry about the tournament. :(

About your premonition entry - I am not really sure what exactly you felt so strange about, but I do get such feelings quite often. The only thing I've been trying to teach myself to do is think, "Whatever will be will be".

It's not just the older students that dump all the work on younger ones. I am one of the oldest in my class yet I've been partners with people that don't do anything at all! :X

Your favorite twins said...

Hey El Hazardo!Guess who! (I'm sure you already know because of the "name" thingy ;)
First of all, I have to say I took a long tour of your blog! Pretty kewl stuff! It was really interesting to see the university from your perspective. I'm so used to you really do fall asleep in Islamic class? Hmmm, we're going to have to do something about that!
And who's not doing their work? Just tell me! We can take them on together!Oh wait- you said seniors! I'm backing out- you're on your own...
Too bad about the tennis tournament. I'm sure you kicked butt, though. I know what the problem was: You needed me to cheer you on! (I think I just reached the highest level of "lameness")

I hope you win the next game! Don't forget to study for the Islamic midterm! :)

- Oh and what's this scaring people thingy...You're not scary! unless that is you want to be...Now I'm scared I just offended you.

El Hazard said...

Good suggestion Kath.. I'll try that the next time I get that feeling instead of imagining all the things that possibly could happen/happening that trigger that feeling.

That just really sucks how some people have absolutely no consideration and think it is so ok to leave one person or even if it were two people and one person wasn't doing anything it still wouldn't be fair.. everyone should pull their share!

LOL, My favorite twins =) So I was right about u two always being together lol even the net u use together =P

Did u guys think i was joking about sleeping in islamic class? I was dead serious. As for the midterm tomorrow.. ha. I haven't even started to study for it yet. And I'll probably sleep tonight without touching those papers.

You know those two girls that sit next to me (the med students, indian or paki...not the italian girl) those are the two in my "group" Lazy Senpais.. actually I ain't even acknowledging those two as senpais. Hmph!

Ha ha, I needed u guys to cheer me on hahahahhaha. That sounds like something I would say =P I'm a bad influence on u guys ;)

What I meant by scaring was scaring that lady with a come back from the 5-0 lead she had. Right there it looked obvious that I was going to win but in the end it was just a false alarm.

Thanx for passing by you guys =)