Sunday, April 08, 2007

Be Warned pt I

I am extremely pissed with the majority of the so called ‘humanity’ therefore this post will be in their dishonorable honor (In other words I am going to indulge in a full fledged rant to blow off some steam – feel free forgo reading this.) You’ve all been warned…

Not sure which party pisses me off more. There are three contemptible parties here maybe I’ll start in order of which irritated me first.

Hmph. I’ll start with that damn coach. I was watching the finals match of the tournament. I got there kinda late and the first set was already finished. So I was watching the second set and the longer I sat the more irritated I was getting. After a while it dawned on me that the two that made it to the finals were kids (one was 15 and the other was either 15 or 16). They had played in both categories (over-18 and under- 18) and cleaned the courts with all the players from both. (I felt a tiny bit grateful for my loss to a real lady – as opposed to a kid.. saves me some shame on my face.) Then for these finals they actually bought in a ref that sat up on one of those high chairs and kept the score. That was a really sore point with me now that I think about it. Why the hell did they get a ref to make sure about the calls and keep score for them and we didn’t have any of that?? Were we not playing in said same tournament?! I was really tempted to just leave but my team mates were there as well watching and that would have looked really sour. I’ll give those two kids this: they both had mad skill mashalla alayhum. After the game the ref went up to the girl who won and complimented her blah blah blah and then asked if she played there at the ladies club. The girl was beaming and replied she plays at Coral Beach Hotel under some coach.. Shovshanko, I think was the name of that coach. Maybe I am horrible at translating what’s between the lines but I got this feeling the girl was implying Why the hell would she play at the club under that so called coach. – Aside from the fact that she’s got the crappiest demeanor, I mean seriously she acts as if everyone should fall around her royal feet and if they don’t they should go hang themselves for shame, I’m beginning to doubt her skill. She has students that have been with her for years – one lady was with her for 6 whole years and wasn’t playing much better than a beginner, coach loves to claim that’s the person’s fault but I’m pretty much convinced it’s that damn coach. The evidence is so dang clear: Amongst ourselves we take turns destroying each other in friendly matches so it’s pretty much known that whoever is in the mood that day will be the victor but every time we have a tournament and people from outside our club come to play us we get our tails royally kicked – ALL of us. Then the next time we go for team practice we have to hear the coach going on about how we are an embarrassment and how ONE of us from the team should have won. AS IF. Lady spends most of our lesson time sitting on her butt and having us train each other. Most if not all of us can beat her sorry self in singles matches and it ain’t cuz she ‘taught’ us so well that we surpassed her. Maybe I’ll skip out on team practice tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll be able to muzzle myself if she makes any of her sarcastic comments – whether they’re related to the tournament or not.

After how long this is turning out to be I’ve decided to split this into 3 parts.. for those of u who’ve decided to read this Hazardous Rant....

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