Sunday, April 08, 2007

Be Warned pt II

Second contemptible party.. dammit I just remembered someone else who pissed me off at school today, scratch 3: it’s 4.

The animals for classmates (including the two demon spawns for group mates lazy beasts). One girl, actually she’s my friend – I often have fun teasing her about usually being late for class- she knows it’s good natured teasing though. And it’s not really her fault she’s late...well at least not 95% of the time. She comes from the other end of the campus which takes at least a good ten minutes if u aren’t running. Anywayz some how she didn’t know we had our mid-term today. I feel badly about it cuz I see her all the time and I knew but it never occurred to me that she might not have known the exam was today. Anywayz she gets to class and asks if it was possible to postpone it till at least Tuesday. The teacher would have done it but then chaos broke out in the classroom. All of the “humans” agreed that they wanted to postpone the exam but then when the teacher said Tuesday some said Thursday, some said they have exams on Thursday so any other day they claimed they’d agree to (which was a lie cuz other days were proposed and they still whined) and then one idiot (I seriously wanted to get up and do violence on that chic) actually came up with: “But I spent the whole weekend studying for this exam cuz it was today and now that’s all going to be wasted.”

@#$%^& What kinda of a dumb @$$ excuse was that???!! I mean the girl really is an idiot if she even bothered to study then it shouldn’t matter whether she did the test today or the day after tomorrow the material should still be in her damn head (sheesh I’ll cut the profanity.. I’m really irritated.. maybe I’ll take a minute and go squeeze that stress ball I got a couple of times)

Ok, so as I was saying. With the exception of that one individual.. the teacher was so ready to postpone the exam till even next Sunday if everyone just shut up and agreed. Don’t you know even to have it postponed all the way till next Sunday the Mdala3een Niggas all raised hell whining they have exams. The policy is if we happen to have 3 exams on one day we have the right to go and complain. Going and complaining or rather whining is OPTIONAL if we feel we can’t study for all three at once. Those Mdala3een Niggas always whine whenever they have just TWO exams in one day. Where the hell do they think they are??? Is Uni not comprised of studying??? If they can’t handle a few exams go the hell back to KG…I’m sure they’d have lots of fun coloring and playing with puzzles. I’ve never seen such stupidity in my entire life – with a very few exceptions. Meanwhile while they are whining only thinking about the fact that THEY –Lord forbid- would have more than one exam in one day, are completely ignoring the fact that this poor girl who didn’t even know there was an exam today would have to sit for it even though she didn’t study a lick so Miss My-Whole-Weekend-was-Wasted can sit for the exam today instead of the day after and the rest of those pansies can have an exam per day. The last time we had Islamic Culture exam I had three exams in one day plus a quiz and they were all one right after the other with only break enough to walk from one class room to the next. It didn’t kill me. And I doubt they’d die if they did it once in their damned lives.

The girl stood in front of the whole class and begged for them to agree to postpone. They didn’t care. My Favorite Twins and the girl next to them argued the poor girl’s point. One of the twins pointed out that since it is religion class if someone did happen to spend their time studying all weekend for it it wasn’t wasted cuz that fool is supposed to know the stuff anywayz and if she didn’t maybe it’d benefit her. Two other girls gave another outburst about how if they postpone it they have other exams later. The other twin tried to explain to them to be rational and think of how they’d feel if they were in the girl’s position. They just shrugged and carried on. It was back and forth between the twins’ rational arguments and those of the uncaring rocks for classmates…actually I refuse to acknowledge those creatures as mates. In the end the teacher told the girl to sit down and the exam was going to be today since agreement on postponing couldn’t be reached.

I felt really bad for the girl. I hadn’t studied really myself (figured it was pointless since I had a feeling most of it was coming from what was discussed while I had my routine power naps during class times) and I would have rather gotten the test over with quickly just to get it out of the way but I raised my hand in favor of postponing – we WERE supposed to be mates so we should have all been sticking out for each other.. Unfortunately animals can’t act like anything other than animals much less caring civilized individuals.

Thankfully the teacher seems to have a shred of compassion in him, he told the girl after she sat down and I guess his conscience was about to kill him that she could leave and didn’t have to sit for the exam. I hope that means that she can sit for the exam later Inshalla.

Being that it was a religion class and all and in no religion is it tolerable for people of the same faith to act in such an uncaring manner towards their brethren of the same faith or even others of other faith (heck no person should be uncaring of another person whether that person be living or even dead) the teacher should have given all of those uncaring creatures an immediate and unchangeable “ F ”. What’s the point of taking a religion exam when u fail in basic etiquette/manners/protocol whatever the hell you wanna call it??? True it’s a uni requirement and all but it’s obvious that if they can’t even pass a simple test of consideration they need to go way back to the beginning and fill in the gaps their parents obviously neglected to teach them about.

I’m seriously considering not turning in that project I slaved over for 3 days and sleepless nights so those two can get an F.. I don’t care if I have to get an F with them as long as they get it.

My God… I am so irritated right now I think I’ll go strangle that poor stress ball. (Poor thing has eyes that bulge when u squeeze him too hard)

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Bookworm said...

Some class mates..

You know what? Turn those two 'group members' in. No reason why you should get an 'F' along with them. Hand in the work and tell your proff what parts YOU did and what THEY did.