Sunday, April 08, 2007

Be Warned pt III

As if I didn’t have enough of uncaring people in Islamic Culture period. We were sitting in Speech Comm and the Doc calls one girl up to give a persuasive speech. She claimed she didn’t have anything ready but she had some things on mind that she could talk about. So she decided to talk about Contact Lens. I don’t even remember exactly what she started with, I don’t wear them and the topic coming from her was definitely of zero interest to me before she said: “I hate seeing people in glasses.” Maybe that’s not exactly what she said but it carried about the same meaning. I would have been deeply offended if I wore glasses. She tried to dress it with a no offence or whatever that was but there are about 5 girls in the class that do wear glasses. One blushed another squirmed. The girl continued on about how glasses are ugly blah blah blah. Like I said I myself don’t wear glasses but I’ve always admired the cooler looking frames. I always wanted to wear glasses ever since I was a kid. My desire was so great that when my older sister got new glasses my mom let me keep her old ones (minus the lens) I was only allowed to wear the frames. When I was 12 my mom took all of us for an eye exam. Whenever I’ve gone for eye exams the docs have always said my sight is above average (mashalla even though I was always disappointed..) This doc actually said I would need glasses – when I got older. Ha I think she lied. Evidence being the slide the Language Development professor shows at the front of that class that all the girls complain they can’t see – even the ones in the front – I see it fine from the back so it looks like I won’t be getting my wish for glasses anytime soon.

Anyways all of that is to say that not all people feel that way about glasses (obviously given the number of students who wear them at our uni.) Like I said, I think glasses are really cool (especially some of the many many styles and kinds I see at school.. - I won't mention BW's new ones either.. sheesh I might go and get some with ordinary glass in them just to wear fashionably.) and sure u see some frames that look hideous but 1.) that doesn’t mean all are hideous and 2.) You can’t just stand in front of a class of people some of which are wearing glasses and say junk like that. Yeah it was supposed to be a persuasive speech and all but there are lines between persuasive and inconsiderate comments. I never thought too highly of that girl in the first place (she reminds me of my cousin a few years back) but now she’s definitely on my black list. I really hate people who have no consideration for the feelings of others.

Yes I know I’ve been letting a lot of little stupid things irritate me lately. (Obviously that’s why I’m going to let it all out on my blog.)

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